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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodWulf View Post
    Up until yesterday, I only had three, maybe four, random reboots since release day. Since yesterday, I'm getting them frequently. I had about four or five yesterday and four already today. All have appeared to be luna restarts given the amount of time it takes for the TP to come back to life. In just about every case it was right after throwing an app card off the screen. Not fun and getting very annoying.

    Update: Forgot to mention 95% of the restart occurrences were after tossing the browser card
    I also notice that my random reboots too happen then I toss the browser away. Glad to see I am not the only one.
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    i used to get these - all random and in different apps or when launching apps. I think it's a feature
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    Hello all,

    Just signed up and purchased an HP Touchpad(actually 3 of them, one for me, wife and sister in law).

    Love the device, and did the mentioned tweaks(disable logging etc) and its a fantastic device. I did encounter several reboots, and it happened when trying to view a topic at a website. There is an option to view "all" messages in a thread and it just reboots fully and I can get it to happen all the time if I try to view "all".

    Below is the URL to the "all" for the thread
    GM says bankruptcy excuses it from Impala repairs - Bob Is The Oil Guy

    It's a oil forum and it seems to only do it on this thread(large number of pages). Any advice on what to do or how I can provide more information to people for assistance? I notice there are quite a few experts here with a wealth of knowledge and would love if you guys/gals can chime in!

    Please forgive me if I posted this in the wrong thread(seemed right and reusing an old thread is better than creating a new one?).


    Forgot to add, I did the OTA update then applied the patches. I turned off the Increased Touch + Smooth scolling and reverted back to stock Touchpad CPU speeds and it still does it. I initially tried the 1.5ghz patch.
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    I am so sad that I got one 32G from HP. It reboots randomly. Strange thing is while I plug to laptop the TP works fine. No reboots. But once I unplug the cable, reboooooooooooot .... again and again.... not luna start, it's always full restart ...

    So sad. I may have to send back to HP for repair since they do not have stock for exchange. Soooooooooo unlucky...
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    So...after numerous attempts to reload the os via webos doctor, they had me RMA the device. I am real interested to see if they just send a referb or try to actually fix the one I had. I made a snapshot of the SN so we will see. Should have it back either Friday or next Tuesday.

    Anyone else return theirs and get one back? Did they fix it???
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    Is this thread still alive? I have similar issues. My touchpad rebooted randomly but regularly...within an hour at least 3 to 4 times. Very annoying. I get the HP Customer Service to issue a repair #. I will ship it back and see if they can fix it. I'll keep you posted what they say.

    In the meantime, did anyone get theirs fixed? Let me know what HP said. Thanks.
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    Any news on this issue? It is driving me mad. I love the device but this issue is just killing it for me!

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    Just started happening to me again! Hasn't done this since I first got it in July and now it has done 3 Luna restarts in 10 minutes.
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    I never got a reboot I didn't initiate myself, guess I'm lucky...
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    HP was not able to fix the rebooting issue (we actually went through 3 troubleshooting sessions until my device locked and I was not able to log in my account anymore). So I sent it in for repair, go it back yesterday and within 1 hour of use it rebooted 5 very standard applications (App Catalog, Maps App, website, I just talked to HP and they offered my an advanced exchange at no fee, but they put a hold of 350 or so on my credit card until I ship back my defective device. I guess exchanging for a refurbished device is the only option. Let's hope the refurbished one works...
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    I received the exchanged Touchpad today. Wonderful. I used it for 2 hours and no reboot. I can only repeat myself - if yours has a rebooting issue, call HP customer service and request an advanced exchange, so they will send you a different device. Try talking yourself out of the troubleshooting - the rebooting issue cannot be solved that way.
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