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    So this morning, when I woke up my Touchpad from a wonderful night of studying, I noticed the dreaded "Phone offline" message in the left corner of the home screen instead of the usual "HP webOS."

    This happened once with my Pre-minus, which promptly led me to getting a replacement from Sprint. As of now, everything is still working (wifi, bluetooth, everything) but this is making me a little nervous since I've seen this message before and it only meant one thing...gloom.

    Anyone else seeing this message? I'm not going to call HP until I have a legitimate problem, but I'm a little nervous something isn't right.
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    How can it say phone offline when there is no phone? Try restarting it.
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    At least in webOS 1, phone offline could be as innocuous as the java backend crashing and restarting, In fact, it happened to me this weekend. Now, as to TP displaying that, your guess is as good as mine. Did the message go away?
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    it probably lost the BT connection to the phone...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    it probably lost the BT connection to the phone...
    phone offline may indicate that the phone is (pre) is in phone offline mode
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    at the time the message appeared, my Pre-minus was not attached to it. I restarted the Touchpad once, and the same message still appeared. Just to be sure it wasn't something leftover from the last time I connected my Pre to it, I joined them together over bluetooth.

    Still, the same "Phone Offline" message stayed in the corner,. and I haven't found a way to get it to go away. Like I said, everything is working, so I'm not too worried as of yet. I just am trying to figure out what could be causing it or if anyone else has seen this pop up.

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