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    I've just got my TouchPad and set up Skype, for some reason people can see me (although quality is not great.) However I cannot see them.

    I can hear them, but not see them.

    Does anyone know how to resolve this or experiencing the same problem?

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    make sure you have both accepted video. Also try calling them on a PC first so you can compare.

    I have been able to see them and they have been able to see me (although they probably wish they didnt).
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    I have this same problem, basically! It's strange though, I've skype'd three PCs fine, both ways. But I've tried to Skype two others, who were on Macs...and couldn't.

    I hate to make assumptions, but has any one else had that problem?
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    For me skype worked great.
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    I had trouble skype videoing someone on a Mac; the audio was there but video wouldn't work. Video button just went grey when pushed... neither one of us saw it.
    I chatted with HP and was told that there is a problem with Skype in the phone app, but that if you initiate the call through the messaging app it works. I actually did a call like this the other day, and it worked fine, but don't know if that is really why.
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    I still can't get it to work! I tried through the messaging app but the call didn't work? Where else could I try? Its very frustrating as I need to use SKype for work!


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    HP has said this issue will be fixed in the patch
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    after the 3.0.2 update I am STILL having MAJOR ISSUES with Skype video calling... This is very important to me as I am moving to London soon for semester abroad... HP PLEASE FIX!
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    Same issue for me too. Update did nothing as far as I can tell. Still can't see incoming video, everything else works great. Tried on mac and pc btw.
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    Update seems to have resulted in a smoother video for me. It is still not the best quality but it is smoother than before.
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    If you have Skype 5.5, it will not work with Touchpad. Download the Skype 5.3 from and it works perfect. I have notified Level 3 personnel since they have not a clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My experience before the 3.0.2 update was that it would not work, and now after.... it works, but very poor video quality. I connected to someone on a IPhone & a PC, audio was good but video was useless. I also attempted a call to a PC within my same local network, same results. This is one of the "features" that really helped me decide to buy the TP.
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    Same issue: video doesn't work when calling a mac... Audio work, though not so well: people don't hear me very well
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    Skype 5.5 for windows has been updated to fix this issue: Skype - Skype Garage blog - Skype 5.5 for Windows hotfix

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