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    I've seen a couple of references to people successfully using the xfinity website on their TPs but I can only get CBS network shows to run. Other shows just say "starting playback" and sit there. Anybody have full access to xfinity working?
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    No, I have yet to get the site working. It tells me my browser is unsupported. When I try to load the website anyway, the touchpad literally hangs to no end. And I'll get a "TMC" error. I can post screenshots. Eventually, I'll need to reboot the device.
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    I will be interested to see progress on this front, since I have xfinity at home. It will be a selling point to me and my family for sure!
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    Hmmm. not much progress since my last post.

    Oh well, these things take time. If anyone wants to share info on Xfinity and the TouchPad, whether something is in the works, and how that's working, I'd sure like to hear about it!
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    I'm just a soul who's intentions are good...oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood!

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    I also would like to have full functionality for on my touch Pad !! Would be a really great addition!

    When I first navigate to, I get the warning about unsupported browsers. Continuing through that to log-in, I get sent back to that warning page after logging-in (silly?).

    Trying to use the "TV Listings," I am unable to see any listings or set my DVRs (page just seems to load endlessly).

    Watching video seems hit-and-miss ... although mostly miss. Nothing I've chosen to watch has been available, but the error message seems to vary by the program. I've concluded that some work, most don't.

    Watching sports (Copa America) was unsupported for my browser.

    Watching CBS worked for a preview videos but not for the full-length shows (of which there aren't many anyway), I got more "networking error" messages than actual video..

    Trying to watch "America's Got Talent," I got a lengthy attempt to start playback that never resulted in actual playback (nor an error message FWIW).

    Today, just choosing a random SpongeBob episode from the "Play Now" viewing program, I was invited to install Silverlight ... which then switched to moonlight, which is the linux version .. but then it gives me an option for installing the FF or the Chrome plug-in, and I balked. Anyone have any recommendations?
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    I haven't had any problem with Xfinity, although I haven't used it a great deal. I do have the "Unthrottle Download Manager" patch installed - maybe that is helping.
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    I emailed Comcast to see if they were working on an app and received the following email. I'm not sure how to take it but it seemed positive to me.

    Thank you for sending your inquiry regarding the Xfinity mobile
    applications. We are very glad to have you as part of our
    Comcast family and it is our privilege to provide you with exceptional
    and unparalleled customer service. I understand that you would want to
    know when will the Xfinity applications be available to handheld devices
    running on webOS operating systems. We do apologize that at the moment,
    the Xfinity TV app and the Xfinity Mobile app are only available to
    supported Apple handhelds and Android smartphones and tablet PCs.

    No worries, Jon. The Xfinity applications are currently being developed
    to their full potentials as well as their availability to other mobile
    operating systems. We will surely let you know through e-mail and
    advertisements once Xfinity applications are available to webOS
    smartphones and tablet PCs.
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    Add me to the list. Xfinity would be sweet.
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    I think We should all email them so that they see there is anticipation for it and the put it out sooner!!
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