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    my first thread/question here. More to come.... :-)

    I am about to buy a tablet. Having a Pre2 for a couple of weeks I'm strongly going for a Touchpad. Having an old Ipod classic I use this device heavily for hearing and watching podcasts. So one of the main things I want to do with the tablet is watching video podcasts.

    Knowing how this works basically on an Ipad I'd like to know whether its comparably easy to do the same on a Touchpad. HPPlay isn't able to do anything right now with videos.

    Did anyone already try to use dr.podder or other podcatcher on the Touchpad? Does it also have a nice folder structure where the downloaded episodes are grouped etc.? Are there features like "automatically delete watched episodes"?

    Any helpful information highly appreciated.
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    I havent used an aggregator such as drPodder but the videos from Buzz Out Loud & Tech News Today play either in browser or if you download them. I would guess that it depends on the file type, as the TouchPad can only play certain file types.
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