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    Some websites force all tablets and phones to use their mobile site. Is there a way to bypass this on the TouchPad?

    The site that is giving me the most trouble is Genesis 1 KJV - Bible -
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    I checked out the site on my phone. Apparently they have a webOS app. Dont know if its for the Touchpad though. HP should have made every website go straight to the desktop version as a default feature on the Touchpad. I would want this on my phone.
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    The app hasn't been updated to fill the TP screen. I emailed their support and they said their site redirects all tablets and mobile devices to their mobile site. The weird thing is that 3 days ago, I was browsing the full site. I guess they recently added the TP as a tablet device.
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    I'm running into the exact same problem on the same site. I hit them up on twitter and got a response that they'd look into it, but nothing since.

    Odd thing is that my TP used to load the full version of the site, then after I brought the TP to their attention the site started loading only the mobile version. :-(
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    When I got the TouchPad on release day I checked a few websites that had less than usable mobile versions and was happy to see the normal site loaded and worked great on the TouchPad. Within a few days, however, those same sites now redirected me to their mobile version.

    I imagine they do that to save their own bandwidth and to cut back on complaints of their site not being mobile friendly, but we have a very usable browser now and don't want the mobile site.
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    Yeah, it's up to individual sites to decide how they handle touchpads when they read a page. Not sure if the user agent can be spoofed in webos or not.
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    ESPN does this too... sadly I think this is industry standard practice at the moment.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    Some sites go to mobile for me and some do not.
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    Maybe this is something could be changed in the 'advanced browser' by Maklesoft that is being released. I know that when I use my iPhone, the browser that I use (atomic) allows me to select what the browser is identified as on a website.. mobile, IE, firefox, safari...etc
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wozza666 View Post
    the browser that I use (atomic) allows me to select what the browser is identified as on a website.. mobile, IE, firefox, safari...etc
    This is exactly what we need in webos because I'm tired of being redirected to mobile sites because they are pretty much useless. I have the same problem on my pre and it's just as frustrating and on some webpages that have the option to load the full site it won't work.

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