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    At the risk of being labled "a pervy old man" or "horny pre-teen" (I'll take the Fifth on both accusations), will Chat Roulette or any other social video chat services work with the camera and the TouchPad currently?
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    try it and let us know!
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    In the 'other' category, Google+ Hangout didn't work. It wanted to install a plugin but didn't succeed.
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    I went to a video chat room and it didn't recognize the camera. I didn't play with it. Just took it as another "it'll work with an update".

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    my friends and I were just talking about this! I just tried an old flash site I did that detects the available cameras in flash (Dodge / Amplify Avenger / Augmented Reality) but it didnt work. I'll try to wip up a test swf to see if flash has any camera access. But I'm thinking it doesnt.
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    Tried AOL's new video chat beta. I know it works on my windows tablet,detects the webcam and the mic just fine, but alas, it couldn't detect the Touchpad's webcam and eventually it hung up while trying ....
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    seems like the camera for now anyway is only enabled for skype. So until that changes ure only hope will be an intrepid homebrewer =X
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    Do android tablet cameras work with web pages like those listed here?
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    Thanks for all your input. I've not purchased my TouchPad yet, so I was more curious than anything.
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    i try fling but it wont recognized the camera

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