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    Has anyone tried to tether a TP to a Pre for on-the-road use? If the TP can connect via there a way to have i-net access via the bluetooth connection to a Pre 1.4.5?

    I'd love to get the TP...but I am frequently in areas without wi-fi service...but if I can use my phone as the wi-fi connection that would work great.

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    i use my TP with FreeTether just fine
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    I bought my TP before leaving on a 5 hour roadtrip. FreeTether supplied me with my wifi needs the whole time.
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    pre minus mounted on a touchstone, turns my truck into an awesome mobile hotspot for the tPad and whatever needs to hit the internet ;-)
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    Yep, tethering works rather well with my Pre- as well. The tethering drains the Pre battery faster than a speeding bullet. If you're going to tether for a lengthy time, make sure to keep the Pre in a charger.

    Use the app called FreeTether on your Pre to set it up. It will create a wifi connection you can find and connect with the TPad.
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    Slightly off topic, but I'm one of those guys who purchased a $39.99 Pixi Plus (no contract) and activate it only when I need a wifi hotspot (of course I end up using the phone for a few extra days too). Verizon gives you 5GB/mo tethering for free.

    I try to explain this to people who are paying $34/mo ($50 for 5GB?!?) for a mifi, but they just don't get it. I suppose you are losing phone capability during this time... But still.

    Works great for the TP!
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    the answer to the OP question is no. You can't do that.
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    That's AWESOME news! Considering it's widely known that Bell Mobility's CDMA data tracking is borked. I just checked today, (billing cycle ends on 15th) & it said I've used 12MB so far this month! If I ever needed a reason to not get a Pre 3, that may be it
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    I've used my Pre's hotspot capability to do this with me TP a few times just fine. I just hate doing it because it kills my battery on my Pre, obviously.

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