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    I'm definitely glad to have my Touchpad and looking forward to some of the updates that should help it fulfill my mission of proving it's a better "adult" tablet than the iPad (document editing and kindle app are two supposed near-term improvements I really want). I say "adult" because the sheer number of educational apps for toddlers on the iPad is quite impressive. As I've posted on some early blog-reviews of the Touchpad, my wife and I would use the iPads at night when the kids are sleeping, but by and large I consider them locked down educational toys/tools (the way we use them) w/ a large app selection.

    Now for the OT part of my post (that I couldn't put in OT due to my low post count). I did get to thinking that I'm often an "underdog" supporter when it comes to purchases, and I'm curious if anybody else is. Examples include:

    * One of our cars is a Saab (good car but underdog)
    * A previous car was a Mazda Millenia (assuming most of you have never heard of it).
    * Our DSLR is an Olympus (good camera but an underdog)
    * My MP3 player used to be a Zune (nice MP3 player but an underdog)
    * My laptop was from PowerNotebooks (a quasi mom & pop assembler of laptops)
    * Got the Pre Plus (Verizon) for my wife when it was released (good phone, but I think we'd agree an underdog)

    The list goes on and on, but you get the picture. So I'm curious if I'm the only one or if anybody else here shares this trait ;-)
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    every one of us is an underdog supporter...

    ...and I drive a Saab.
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    But he's asking if others have a history of supporting other underdog platforms, services, or devices.

    in my case i've always been a nintendo fan when it comes to gaming. They haven't exactly been an underdog, but their console presence wasn't as great in the N64 and GCN days as it is now with the Wii, or was back in the NES days. That and their approach has always been different than sony and microsoft. And much like with hp/palm, the result is good and unique things overall, but with some odd or sometimes annoying quirks to deal with too.
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    I'm a long time HP supporter. So, no. I'm not an underdog supporter. HP OWNS almost every market it engages in.
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    in addition to driving a Saab, I adopted OS/2 before Windows.
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    Not even close to being alone. Many of use remember when Apple was the underdog and Microsoft came to their aid and provided Apple a Million dollars in support to bring Apple and Microsoft Office for Mac out of the gutter.

    Been a few years, but hopefully many here remember that gesture and wonder if Microsoft had the option and hindsight and if they would have done the same thing today? Palm lost its edge when Apple came out with the iPhone and now iPad. Iphones are no longer the defining technology they used to be and Android has taken over the mobile space pound for pound.

    What's even scary if the fact that Android is doing so well with such a crappy OS both Mobile and Tablet. Apple is almost two years old with their IOS technology and playing catchup when competing with everyone, but it is not who has best hardware and software, but who has the BEST In the Consumer Eyes. Apple doesn't need to be #1 hardware and software wise as long as people line up infront of their Apple Stores, Genus Bars, and call the 800 # day in and day out.

    HP will always have an up hile battle when competing simply because they aren't Apple. Sorli...
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    I love the underdogs! I stand by webOS, I always supported SEGA, and... I drive a Saab too. Lots of Saab love here.
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    Bow wow
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    Go San Antonio Spurs--the perpetual NBA underdog/small market team!
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    Irony is, the reason I got my first Palm device was because of its compatibility with my Apple Powerbook laptop. That was back when Apple was the underdog. I was the Apple evangelist amongst my peers and they thought I was crazy for supporting a dying OS. Now I'm the oddball old Palm guy that clings to that weird webOS phone while all the kids are sporting their sleek iPhones that do everything! But I just can't let it go...I love the elegance and intuitive nature of webOS. We need users!
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    my parents got my first Mac in 1993 when everyone hated them except for industry pros - and I was only 7. i still use them but the touchpad is proving to be a fun device. what else...i drive a hyundai, live in nyc's forgotten borough and root for the Mets. underdog indeed.
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    this might get me crucified but i'm a longtime IE user. 99% of websites load perfectly and i've yet to experience any real issues with IE8. Chrome (my backup) is a bit too basic, and Firefox is too bloated for my tastes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsetter883 View Post
    this might get me crucified but i'm a longtime IE user. 99% of websites load perfectly and i've yet to experience any real issues with IE8. Chrome (my backup) is a bit too basic, and Firefox is too bloated for my tastes.


    • I'm a long time HP supporter.
    • I'm a Windows user.
    • I'm an IE user.
    • I served in the US Army.
    • I'm a fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

    I'm just a winner...

    That being said, I must preface my participation in this forum by pointing to the first bullet point. Had HP gone the WP7 route, I would not be here. I'm an HP fan before I'm a webOS fan. However, I think HP made the right move adopting webOS.
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    AMD, BeOS, Linux, ATI, Hyundai, Gamecube, PS3, PSP, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Palm I think you are definitely not alone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike5 View Post
    Go San Antonio Spurs--the perpetual NBA underdog/small market team!
    Not anymore. Utah & Orlando are (go Magic!). You cant be an underdog with 4 recent championships!

    Palm used to be on top of the smartphone market, so I'm not sure if they are underdogs...just old dogs who need to learn new tricks quickly. But I'm rooting for them.
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