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    I know its only been on the market for a week now and these things take time to fix but if HP waits to fix all the bugs at once I have a feeling that it will be to little to late.
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    Start of the office pool? I pick July 24th.
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    Aug 1st
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    it will be before august 31st im sure .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I'll be daring and go for the first update July 19th.

    With more updates to follow this summer.
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    I'm going to pick July 25th, only because I will be out of woen and will not be able to apply the updates until the 26th.
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    I see pandas.
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    Well, nobody's taken 7/31 yet. That's my guess - but I think that's too late. They should start releasing a string of small fixes to give some assurance that they're on it (IMHO, of course.)
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    HP's been saying "soon", but I don't think even HP knows when "soon" will be.

    I'm gonna put a date out there: 2/30

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    They'll release it too late. I'm sure of it.
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    I thought the device was perfect. No?
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    I'll have contact a phrenologist, that's if I can actually find one! LOL.

    I expect that HP is dancing as fast as they can!

    Take care,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midway99 View Post
    I thought the device was perfect. No?
    No, i'm perfect. The device is far from it.
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    It's gonna be too little too late in any case. you need to come out of the gates PERFECT if you want to compete.

    Like Honeycomb, which still doesn't support the SD cards all of its devices are heavily advertising as diversifiers. Like the Playbook, which doesn't let you email without a webmail open in the browser unless you also have a BlackBerry. Like the iPad, which only got a half-butted in the coming months FAIL deadline for the OS update that will finally let iOS catch up with the competition in a few areas (or that's how acidically it would be formulated if it was a HP product).

    All those are fine and minor. The TouchPad on the other hand can become choppy sometimes. You just don't release unbaked crap like that! Fixing ANYTHING is inherently too little too late.
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    july 14th in time for the UK and Canada launch. Thats what I hope anyway.
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    not soon enough. I know its only a week, but when Kindle says it's coming "very" soon, I expect it to be here in a matter of days, not weeks. Chop chop, everyone. The critics are unfairly harsh, but don't make them "right" over time. I expected even the tiniest system update by today. 7/15 is my exasperated guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hagster View Post
    july 14th in time for the UK and Canada launch. Thats what I hope anyway.
    I agree, although I was going to say the 15th, I'm thinking there will be several small updates in the near future to fix obvious blunders while they work on larger updates slated to be released sometime in the future.

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    Webosfan12 has been pretty much gauranteeing July 25th. So I say July 25
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    I think HP should release small patches and not wait to bundle many... bugs that are must fix because they hinder functionality and annoyance once...
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