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    So Techharvest did a comparison of the touchpad vs the ipad 2 and I came away really impressed. Im only putting up the 2nd video (he still has 1 more left) but so far the touchpad is a very very good compeitior to the ipad 2. The browser when testing it was a hair slower then the ipad2 and as he stated thats because its loading full flash like sites (imagine after the update to smooth things out, and a few patchs with homebrew will do to those componets under the hood). He also stated he likes the VK better. The pinch the zoom was better of course on the ipad 2 (to me apple has fully optimized IOS for years so its good to see webos is right there). He also stated about the box net vs the icloud where as the box net is a no brainer giving us 50 gigs of storage and its not linked to HP. As where the icloud you get 5 gigs, through apple, and with all types of strings attached. I thought this was a very good and fair review compared to most out there. Though I also heard another reviewer say he was very impressed with the applications HP has at launch, which has most of the core applications.

    Also from the article as we all know the upgrade TP will be a 1.5ghz processor which will run laps around any product any company decides to release. As my insider stated the lag sometimes is a basic software glitch that will be remedied with the OTA update, so what I see is yes finally a webos product that can compete with the big boys.
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    Here is the third part of ipad 2 vs. Hp Touchpad by tech harvest. He really likes webos
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    When I'm lying in bed without a shirt on, the TouchPad isn't cold when I set it on my lower ribs.

    TouchPad plastic 1
    iPad aluminum 0
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    The TP could have a 3ghz processor but if the software isn't optimized then its all nought. Even with a dual core 1.2ghz processor, folks still complain of lag. The priority shouldn't be bigger numbers but rather optimizing the software/O.S all over.

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    Can we plz be realistic here... Ipad 2 > Tp1... Yeah the TP can do stone things better, but the overall user experience goes to the ipad 2. At least HP is (supposedly) coming out w something w specs that surpass others but it still needs the hardware to wow n the OS needs some tweaking.... An OTA update blah blah blah, ur telling nee that they didn't see any problems before launch?
    Anyways, the good news is that they're finally hopingly) coming out w something first. I hope the hardware compliments the specs/OS. I can't help but already feel disappointed though.
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    I've had my TouchPad now since Tuesday and I agree, great user experience. I showed an associate at work who had a ipad 2 my TouchPad and he was really impressed and was blown away when I showed the flash feature. Many people in here make comments off what they have read on sites such as CNET that cater to their featured sponsors.

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