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    So my first 16G touchpad, which I got on July 1st, had a ~3-5px diameter "blotch" where it was brighter than the surrounding color – it was annoyingly obvious when I loaded up some white-background PDFs to try to read a book.

    So I returned it to BestBuy today for an exchange, just finished setting up the (fresh, shrinkwrapped) replacement, and now I notice that the new one has a dark spot about 2x2px wide about halfway to the center of the screen. It's rather noticeable on a solid color background that isn't itself dark textured/black. I don't think it's dust, but whatever is causing it is definitely under the glass of the screen.

    Am I just being too picky & impurities like this are common with the 9.7" size touchscreens, or am I just SUPER unlucky and should try again on another exchange? I'll feel bad going back to BestBuy to ask for another exchange, but I did spend 500 dollars on this.
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    I dont have this issue yet and it must be a defect. Either way, unless you can live with it I'd take it back and soon. Sorli...
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    I'd take it back. Sounds like a defect. It's $500, it better be perfect if you ask me.
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    it might be a solvent they use to clean the insides of the glass. In this case, it would eventually go away. They had this problem with the iphone 4 last year.
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    Thanks for the advice everyone!

    I took it back to Best Buy, showed them the dark spot, and got a second exchange. My new TouchPad still has 1 stuck pixel (this one's stuck white), but it's in the corner of the screen (near the back arrow in the browser's portrait mode) and only shows up when I'm looking at the device straight on… so I might be able to live with this one.
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    I just got a TouchPad and I love it. However, my glass screen can be pushed in a little like it is floating. I can also push it little to the sides. Is this normal? I am noticing the thin line of that sponge stuff around the screen and am wonder if it is just to protect the screen? Any thoughts?
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