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    I find holding the TouchPad somewhat awkward. To type I need two hands, I normally lay it flat on my legs or a table. To use most apps I hold it with my left hand and poke the screen with my right. Using a laptop is much easier . . . or am I just use to it?

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    for apps I rest the back on the palm of my left hand in landscape (80% of the time I'm on landscape)...for typing I do lay it down but i've found it easier to type in portrait mode..
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    portrait mode so I can type with my thumbs
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    for longer typing I use the large keyboard and TP in landscape with the HP case holding the TP at the low angle on the desk or in my lap. Works great for me, almost like a regular keyboard.

    I'm also trying to get comfortable thumb typing when holding in portrait. It just takes some practice.

    It's definitely easier to type on than my Pre.
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    I just hold my TouchPad with my left hand in portrait when standing. When I am siting down, I hold it with my left hand or lay it on my lap. I do think that typing isn't the most intuitive thing on any tablets including the iPad. I hate the split screen keyboards but I think the only thing I miss about Android from the evo when I had it was voice to text. When I lay the TouchPad down and type with 2 hands it is really easy to do so. I think the problem is there isn't 1 hand typing.

    I love the rest of the experience. Using everything, but when typing in stuff (its like that on all tablets), is so easy and enjoyable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    portrait mode so I can type with my thumbs
    This. I suspect that getting a case is going to be critical for linger typing sessions, though.
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    Until I got my case yesterday, most of the time I just used an old adjustable plate stand my mom had:

    Otherwise, landscape > thumbs.
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    It took me a few days to get used to holding it; it did feel heavy in one hand, but so would an iPad(x)--I simply just used to the weight. Usually, when I'm typing, I hold it in landscape; however, no it's use is starting to get real fluid, so I'm having less preference, not even noticing how I'm holding it, and having more fun.
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    I hold mine like a boss.
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    When I have to hold it, I hold mine in portrait mode in my left hand 99% of the time and type with my right hand. My computer desk has a slide out keyboard tray under the desk, and I've been resting my TouchPad on that - bottom edge on the slide out tray, then resting the back of the top against the desk - in order to type on it with both hands, hunt and peck style. I would like to get a case for this puppy someday, but I've yet to settle on one I've seen in stores that I like.
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    Mr. Jobs...

    Your Holding it wrong

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    I held it like a magazine for several hours Saturday night (it was the International Barbershop Quartet Finals =) ) Laid in bed, holding it about 70% of the time in portrait, the rest in landscape.

    For all the griping about weight, and all the sarcastic comments to the effect of "man up, Nancy", that was a little too long to hold the tab in portrait. I did actually get some RSI-type pain the next day, especially in the thumb-to-forefinger muscle group (from typing).

    Now that I know this, I'll prop it up next time, or rest it on my knees. I think a lot of typing in portrait was probably the biggest culprit. I suspect I'd have the same reaction to holding even the feather-light iPad.

    Books and magazines have a little give, which makes holding even the same weight of dead-tree somewhat easier.
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    I hold mine with the speakers facing up just for the Angry Birds sounds

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    My TouchPad is always in its case. When on a table or flat surface it is at the flatter angle but what is nice about the HP case is that when at the steeper angle it sits nicely balanced on my lap making it easy to type and swipe.
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    The ergonomics of typing on a tablet are horrible.
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    Very tightly and nobody better take it from me.
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    I don't understand how all you people can hold this thing up with just arm strength. It's so heavy I had to buy a desk with wheels to cart it around on. You people are like superman

    In all seriousness though, it could stand to be a bit lighter, but it's not much of a problem. I usually just kinda prop it up with my hand(s) with it resting on my lap while sitting or on my stomach while lying. Also have my touchstone and keyboard for at my desk. Just got my case ordered so I am sure I will use that plenty too. I also use it mostly in landscape, seems more natural to me for browsing. For reading forums though portrait is great.
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    surprisingly enough there is a bonus to the glossy plastic seems to stick to my hand. At least enough where I can hold it up without having to wrap my fingers around it...something I could not do with my iPad, as the brushed aluminum was slippery.
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    I hold it "upside down", so I can pull apps down, and then slingshot them off the screen accompanied by the Angry Birds sound effects!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    portrait mode so I can type with my thumbs
    I rotate it into portrait mode when I need to do any typing longer than login information.

    In most normal usage, I hold it in landscape mode, which has now been made easier since I got the TouchPad case. Does anyone hold it with one hand and peck at it with the other?
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