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    What's your wishlist for TP2?

    I think I'll be skipping TP1 in hopes for a killer TP2 in 2012.

    Here's my wishlist:

    - Thinner and lighter, goes without saying. Go neck and neck with the other class leading size and weight when it's released. Or at the least, be "respectable" size and weight.

    - Video out (HDMI, display port or whatever it may be)

    - Change in casing material - would prefer black brushed metal back. Every single review from every single site mentions that TP1 is a fingerprint magnet. Why continue this?

    - Bump up in resolution. They can't change aspect ratio since it's already set to 4:3 so the next higher up resolution of 1280x960 would be nice.

    - Physical mute switch

    - Very snappy UI navigation. Resolving bugs is assumed but this is an ongoing thing.

    - At the least, keep existing battery life.

    - Rear camera.
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    I just want the thing to be thinner, when you hold the iPad 2 and the TouchPad, the iPad 2 *feels* like half the size of the TouchPad..
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    1) I like the idea that HP is going the pc build route. I don't mind the thickness as is if it means the ability to swap out/upgrade internal components like processor, ram, battery, flash memory upgrade to IBM's PCM (phase change memory which is 100x faster than flash) to name a few. In addition, maybe the ability to add components as well like SIM card slot or hdmi out to name a few.

    2) Interchangeable housing parts to make the touchpad more customizable and personal. Instead of a unibody enclosure, maybe separate the backplate and sides so one could do a rubber bumper with a carbon fiber backplate or so.

    3) Rear camera w/ night shot ability like on Sony's camcorders. Imagine the possibilities like seeing in the dark on a big screen. Of course led flash will be on there too.

    4) Edge to edge screen or very close to it with the outer edges fading to black and moving the front camera to the corner so that it could used in both landscape and portrait view without being obstructed.

    5) More gesture swiping, say a 3 finger multi swipe from left to right and vice versa to switch between apps. Also get rid of the homescreen button theres an up swipe already.

    6) Offset the speakers so that they wont be all on one side. For example in landscape home mode have one speaker at bottom left and top right.
    may help with overall sound too.

    7) And personal preference, change the quick launcher. Remove the launcher arrow. If you swipe from side to side within the quick launch bar/strip you would scroll through more app icons along with launcher tabs appearing above the strip which you could use instead to go into full view mode to see apps. Of course if you scroll and don't select any apps, you cand tap anywhere in the home screen to reset the quick launcher back to its original state.
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    do you guys think the TP2 is the spec bump'd one coming in August (evidently) or might we end up waiting until 2012 for this new and improved TP?
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    my wishlist.

    HDMI out
    a Full USB port
    a Full SD card slot
    higher resolution and brighter screen
    -hell if they just released a touchpad1 with the hdmi out I'd buy it pretty quick I think, even quicker if it had an sd card slot.

    you wont get your metal back, not compatible with touchstone charging, a nice softtouch matte finish plastic would be nice though.

    I dont care that much about wieght or thickness, or a rear camera.

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