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    Wow. Bottom of the pile. Dan thats disappointing.

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    This means nothing. The list looks to be in order of popularity only. For being brand new I am surprised the Touchpad is on the list at all!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Calcmandan View Post
    Wow. Bottom of the pile. Dan thats disappointing.
    Since when is being in the top five of a category a bad thing? That ranking includes the fact that Quick Office doesn't yet edit and the Kindle app is horked.
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    The list doesn't seem to be in ranking order. This is a good thing for the TP if not for more advertising than anything else. And look it beat out the Xoom for a spot on the list. The Honeycomb tablets that did make the list didn't make it there because of the OS, but because of their unique features and price (Transformers discounted price, keyboard dock option with extra battery and full sized USB ports, Iconia for full sized USB ports and discounted price, and 10.1 for it's size).
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