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    Quote Originally Posted by hk-usp45 View Post
    Mind my asking what Transformer do you have? What 90 corners?

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    I believe he meant "edges" - that's what gives most devices that "brick" feel.... the original Droid was the king of "brick" like devices.
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    I'm more of a Kim Kardashain than Kate Moss kinda guy, so the extra thickness of the TP is much appreciated.
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    I really dont think any of the tablets are particularly heavy. I use my touchpad pretty often, even in the bed and never really feel fatigued.
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    The minute HP comes out with a thinner Touchpad, we will see less of this silly argument, fans will be suddenly extolling how much lighter and better the new device is. Seriously, do you think future version of the Touchpad will be as thick. Not a question. Just a progression of technology. When possible, things tend to get smaller, thinner, faster.

    Remember this monstrosity from 1989:

    When was the last time you went into Bestbuy and saw a 2 inch thick laptop for sale.

    HP will put the Touchpad on a diet.

    No matter how you want to rationalize it, the Touchapd is not following the market trend in form and future versions will reflect a change.
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    We may not see a markedly thinner TouchPad. If HP has plans to add capability to the TP that maybe we are not thinking about, the Touchpad has some room for that or new tech, ie tablet hard drive? I don't think there is much room in an iPad2 to add anything. There is a limitation to thin at this point. When every component used in a tablet is paper thin then maybe thin thin will be totally capable of everything imaginable. I think the TP was designed with IT in mind, and HP may have things to fill the space, the little there is in this configuration.
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