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    I haven't seen this one yet and I'm pretty sure this is the one hitting the airwaves atm. Can anyone vouch for seeing this one on tv?
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    Saw it last night! Funny! It was either on the Sci-Fy network or ...whatever network Matrix Revolutions was showing on last night.

    It came on twice...not sure if it was on same channel each time...I was flipping between Star Trek Voyage Home/Undiscovered Country and Matrix Revolutions. And so today, all I can think of is that voice saying "You hear that Missst-er An-der-son...that's the sound of inevitability..." I think Agent Smith must be an iPad fan...and we know how things worked out for him in the end.
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    Sci Fi network good, I've heard people have seen it on USA and Discovery as well.
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    That's a really good ad that shows how just type is different than every other tablet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulairi View Post
    That's a really good ad that shows how just type is different than every other tablet.
    I agree, by showing off Just Type it's not just another tablet commercial it's specifically WebOS and they're showing that off.
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    video is gone
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    Was it this one? Ad of the Day... Adweek Ad of the Day: HP TouchPad | Adweek
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    I saw it on ABC Family during whose line. I liked it. Had the right balance of Brand and Touchpad.

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    Yes, I saw it yesterday too.
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    The best reaction was from engadget podcast --- HP's Touchpad enterprise play is advertising Russell Brand as the drunken billionaire Arthur.
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    Thanks fed5 for providing a good link about it, the original youtube vid was removed.
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    Matrix was on AMC for me last night. So if this played on there even more viewers than Scy-Fi
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    I saw the one with Manny Pacquiao on Discovery Channel about an hour ago.
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    wow, this is actually a great ad.

    I like the part they add at the end..

    "Think, Type, Go. Only on the new HP Touchpad with webOS"
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    this the first time just time (universal search) has been properly advertised. Good work!
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    Nice ad...thanks! Sorli...
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    I've been working in the cafeteria at work and over the past hour I have seen a total of 5 HP TouchPad commericials on TV. 2 Manny ones and 3 Russell Brand ones on ABC Family and Fox News. This is in the early AM too, the commercials are definitely showing.

    Saw 2 Veer ones last night as well :-)
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    I saw (not Russell) two commercials in the last hour. One Veer and one TouchPad. Two different channels.

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    we need those outside the US

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