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    So I'm think the Touchpad might wind-up having to be returned next week.

    I have an iPad2 and iPhone4, Last Friday I purchased both an HP Touchpad and switched over to an HP Veer.


    The Operating on the Touchpad is awesome, Just love it. I'm basically worried that the Apps are just not going to come to WebOS.

    We are a week in today & there have been basically no apps released for the TP from any major developers. The Kindle App still does not work. The HP Moviestore is still a no go. No Doc editing.

    The reason I switched was that I am basically bored with iOS. 4 years in and the UI is basically the same as it has been since day 1.

    The thing is, there are just SO many things I can do on the iPad that I just can't do on the Touchpad.
    • Netflix
    • Kindle Books
    • Zinio Magazines
    • a LOT of games
    • Ameritrade Stocks
    • ABC Player
    • Document Editing
    • Note taking (With a stylus/pen)
    • Comic .CBR Reader
    • Newsday
    • TeamViewer

    There are also a few things with the Touchpad built in Apps that i'm finding a little annoying, My major issue is with the Photo/Video App. The fact that when you load a movie, you don't even get a movie title name or anything is just annoying, it feels like the App is flawed to me. I think they really should split the two into two seperate apps that work a bit smoother.

    I am really feeling like HP just dropped the ball, didn't market the touchpad correctly and made promises that I just don't see them delivering on.

    I really want WebOS to succeed. I love the OS, i'm just torn on what to do...

    Apple iPad2 64GB WiFi +3G (Verizon)
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    Touchpad 32GB WiFi - RETURNED
    Veer 4G - SOLD
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    As you said, "we are a week in today" and little patience goes a long way. HP has too much vested in this endeaver not address these concerns and problems quickly. IMO
    "Patience, use the force, think." Obi-Wan

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    patience my friend. Good things come to those who wait :-)

    I completely emphatize though. iOS has gotten so common now though, the coolness factor just is not the same.
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    I agree with vza33......all these issues will be resolved in time. How much time is unknown. For me it's worth the wait as I don't belive it will be very long, but maybe you don't want to wait and should go back to the iPad. It's your call.

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    If over this week, they at least had gotten a working Kindle App out, HP Movie Store came online, and maybe a small OS Update, I would at least feel like it was progress in the right direction.

    By not doing anything and delivering a product that is missing apps that were promised, I just feel scared that this platform is doomed to the same issues we have had with WebOS being as stagnant as it has been for the past 2 years.

    GOD I love the OS, I really hope things start ramping up.

    Have we heard anythign from any of the big developers about if they even are planning on bringing their warez to WebOS or is everything just speculation?

    Apple iPad2 64GB WiFi +3G (Verizon)
    Apple iPhone4 32GB (AT&T)
    Touchpad 32GB WiFi - RETURNED
    Veer 4G - SOLD
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    In my opinion HP have a better app strategy that anyone – perhaps it’s not been communicated as well as it could have been, but hey, we are just one week in.

    The trouble with being an early adopter is you have to take a certain amount on trust. The tech world and its reviewers really haven’t caught on to the possibilities of webOS + Enyo. I personally think they have no idea what HP is about to hit the competition with..

    At the end of the day, it’s got to be a personal decision.. It’s your money
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    I think I am leaning in the same direction, but I am hoping that mine is temporary. If I take mine back then I will look at the TP again after a couple of system updates. I know HP are working on fixing some of the issues that have been mentioned, so I believe they are going in the right direction
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    I have only had mine a day but you couldn't get it out of my hands with a knife! If it got frozen in time just as it is today it would still serve me for a couple years. There is nothing close to the PreX, TouchPad for phkne/ tablet U I've looked/run them all. Android might geg there someday but now is way behinf the curve. Apple is both too pricey and under the thumb of the developer like Windows. Why trade one Despot for another?

    My bet is this will get better with time - the others have already done what they can using what amounts to legacy items/interfaces. Go WebOS!

    Proudly Microsoft/Apple Free with HP/Palm Pre+/ Driod Bionic / Verizon Wireless TouchPad SOON! NOW!
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    If you paid retail, take it back. You can buy it at the same price later... (hopefully a little cheaper)

    If you got a employee discount like me, keep it. It will get better and it was worth the price.
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    I guess I'd be worried if I needed all of that Right Now, but thankfully I don't and can wait.

    I also suspect many of those items will come sooner then later, but who knows. Ameritrade is a great example of a service provider that requires data updates and synchronization via the web all the time. When webOS becomes more popular and takes over where RIM and Blackberry are beginning to slide off their vaulted status over the last two years....Ameritrade like most developers will see customer base growth and want in on the excitement.

    So far, what I see from the developer community is wait and see. Some are joining quicker then others, but it is amazing how much developers don't like working on IOS or Android software wise, but will still develop for it on a ongoing basis.

    Consumer interest drives developers and you may just have to switch to an iPad to get what you need day in and day out. Thankfully I don't need it bad enough to step back 2-years when it comes to Apple IOS...yikes their software is clunky at best. Sorli...
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    Quote Originally Posted by timeweb2 View Post
    I have only had mine a day but you couldn't get it out of my hands with a knife!.....
    He could....
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    FYI to the OP - Zinio is advertised on the apps page so that one really will happen...
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    Patience will certainly fix some of the items on OP's list fairly soon. An example is how we know Kindle is there (for the most part), just not activated in it's final form yet. This should be a matter of weeks (hopefully).

    Other things like the number of quality apps will take longer. In addition to patience, those of us waiting will need faith. Faith that HP pulls through and delivers on the hype/promises made.

    There's a couple of items on the list which may not be delivered. I wonder if we could have an app to write with a stylus. It sure sounds like a great feature to have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bignoze View Post
    yea I am still waiting for Flash on my Pre-........promises made, promises broken.

    Pre 3 was Displayed in February.....still waiting.

    Waiting seems to be the common theme.
    I have Flash on my Pre. What are you waiting for?
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    one week, really. If you need all those things now then ok. If you can't wait you can't wait...
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    Tell me I'm crazy, if you wish, but I think that is the apps could be ready less 7 days from launch, they would have them ready on launch day.
    Newness Developments apps:

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    Don't you think they should have had the apps they promised ready before they launched it?

    Apple iPad2 64GB WiFi +3G (Verizon)
    Apple iPhone4 32GB (AT&T)
    Touchpad 32GB WiFi - RETURNED
    Veer 4G - SOLD
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    Quote Originally Posted by grometnj View Post
    Don't you think they should have had the apps they promised ready before they launched it?

    Probably yes, but the problem is that if the apps aren't ready, you just have two options:

    - Delay the launch
    - Launch it in the current state.

    From a product lifecycle and market momentum standpoint, it's absolutely stupid to delay the launch:

    - Now you have a non-compelling Android (say what you want: webOS has more tablet-specific apps right now than Honeycomb).
    - Now you have a clean space to develop your tablet market.
    - Now you have a product with specs valid for now.
    - Now you don't have flashy iPad announcements. Only the fact that new iPad and iPhone rummors emerge just after Touchpad news, announcements and launch means that Touchpad is a very compelling product; naysayers can tell you whatever they want.
    - Must I continue?

    The issue isn't they've promised and not delivered. The issue is buying a product that doesn't fit your needs and expect they to engage third parties to work to fit your needs in the first week of lifecycle of a product.

    Don't get me wrong, everyone is free to buy whatever they want and complain about whatever they need to, but the background question is if you, with your specific needs, can reach a balance between what you get with the Touchpad and what you need from the Touchpad. If the balance is negative, you shouldn't have bought it from the first time, aside how much you like webOS. I'm personalizing at you because you're the OP.

    Apps will come, undoubtly. They are coming: Wordpress, USA Today and Auctionmate are just three examples of compelling apps launched last week, but you can't expect them to be available on day one, two, or seven.

    Also, seem that people doesn't realize that creating apps takes time.
    Newness Developments apps:

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    Yes, I do. They said they wouldn't launch until "it was ready". But they are/were playing catchup, and are already way late to the game. They can't afford to wait any longer.

    But many of the apps you mentioned were not promised.
    Kindle was a big f'up, imo.

    The other ones will come if there is a market for them to come, but they were not rumored at launch. As I mentioned in another thread, the you'll see "lots" of magazine publishers show up in Q3 when Adobe support arrives. Zinio's supposed to be soon as well, so I've heard. But you can't expect this stuff to be there overnight. The Ipad didn't have all of those apps at launch, and this device isn't the ipad.

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