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    I love my new touchpad but have 1 complaint. Sites that have video video inserted into them, only the audio works, no video. Video is a great video platform , has anyone else come across this? If you go to this will work but not a website with video implanted from video source.....
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    can you post an example?

    i've watched a few youtube embedded videos and it works fine.
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    Its a Vimeo implementation issue. They are defaulting to a video tag, not flash it seems.

    if you go to a video page tap "switch to flashplayer" on the right and it works.
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    it work just fine for me. And this video look awesome full screen
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    I noticed even though I have flv videos embedded in my wordpress blog using flash players, the TP won't play them. I also had no joy on vimeo. That was a big disappointment for me, especially the wordpress part.
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    everything worked fine for me on their site
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