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    We're currently evaluating a TocuhPad at my place of work. Currently we are suck at the initial setup.

    We're unable to connect to our corporate WIFI as we're unable to load our certificate to the device during setup. Likewise, we can't use our guest SSID as it is a capture setup and initial setup forbids you from launching a browser to authenticate.

    So... I know that I could get around this by:
    1. Taking the TouchPad home and connecting to my personal wifi and completing the initial setup.
    2. Create a new SSID with PSK authentication.
    3. MetaDoctor.

    All of these are unacceptable... Does anyone have experience with setting these up in an enterprise environment?
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    I think someone posted a similar problem recently. Not sure if they got an answer.

    have you tried HP support? I would think they should be very keen to see you get this sorted.
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    Since there currently is not a solution for getting around a captive portal during setup we have to start looking at other options that are available. A non captive is required during first use setup. Once you get past that you shouldn't have any problems.
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    We setup a new wi-Fi (w/out IA blessing btw) just to setup users TP and then took it offline. Each TP profile was setup with the user info with work email address (even though its a work issued TP, it may look like individually own, profile wise)

    We have proposed to HP an enterprise web portal solution to manage devices including the ability to push enterprise purchased apps and also restrict catalog access for certain users.
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    Sigh, I was hoping not to hear that.

    It's crazy to expect an enterprise customer to jump through hoops just to get a device setup.

    To be blunt, I'm able to connect to our corporate WIFI through Android(Gingerbreead/Honeycomb),iOS AND Blackberry's QNX with no difficulty. To position a tablet as "enterprise" at the very least you should be able to connect to LEAP/PEAP wireless with no hoops to be jumped trough.
    /end rant

    (I am pretty sure that I know the answer to this one)

    I suppose that HP does not have deployment tools available (ala Apple) to pre-configure the device?

    /more rant
    This... sucks... How am I to influence my CIO's tablet buying decision when the damned tablet won't even connect to the available WIFI we have in house? Believe me, I am a bit of a WebOS zealot and I adore it but I can't make a compelling argument for the device when I can't even get it past the initial setup.

    I can guarantee that my company will not be deploying these... It's a shame too. I am pretty sure that the powers that be will be more than happy to go with Apple's iPad. I suppose I should copy and paste this flame and send it to the heads at HP.
    /end rant
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    hmmm hard to believe HP is pushing this as a enterprise device with an issue like this...

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