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    I'm proud to say I've been a Handspring/Palm brand loyalist for ten years now. So currently, I'm a Palm Pre owner who bought the TouchPad on Day One (like my user name sez!). But obviously there are features on the TouchPad that I can't access because I have a legacy phone. For example, I can't seem to text message nor use Skype when I pair my Pre to my TouchPad. Those are the two biggies for me right now that are kind of a drag. But I still enjoy my new purchase, and I anticipate enjoying it even more when the Kindle app is finally running and HP releases that promised OTA software update soon!

    But I wanted to open a new thread specifically for those of us Palm Pre owners in my same situation, maybe to vent a little, but more to share work-arounds, homebrew tips, and other suggestions to make our TouchPad lives a little closer to the expected norm until we get around to eventually picking up a Pre 3.

    And thanks, PreCentral! I love coming here everyday and checking out what's to check out.
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    Text messages will be usable only on Pre2 and Veer when and if they get 2.2 or higher updates.

    Skype is on device only. Don't need a phone for that.
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