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    I would like to know if the touch pad still charges to 100% then drains to approx. 95% and charges to 100% while charging (TS/Wall charger).
    To see that you need the actual battery percentage (not what you normally see on the sys menu)
    You can use govnah or dr.battery (don't know if the patch "show actual battery percentage exist on TP)

    I really hope they changed this because this will def. shorten the battery life if you keep the TP on the TS all the time/night.
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    I have not seen it with my Touchpad. Battery life is excellent. Just got through reading a story about battery life posted in the forum. Hands-on: HP's TouchPad has great features but is no show-stopper - Computerworld

    I have not seen any of the problems associated with the Pre at all and I still us my Pre -.
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    I don't mean that the battery life is bad.
    It's about how long the battery will last. Each charge circle reduce the overall battery life you get.
    And because of Exhibition mode the device needs more power and therefor more charging circles if it doesn't is able to run from the charger.

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