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    Anyone else having issues with skype sound quality?

    The video works great, the other end of the call hears me fine, but the sound quality through speakers or headphones is very poor and tinny. Really unintelligible.

    Results are the same on different internet connections, beats audio on or off.

    The speakers them selves work great with other apps (tune in is INCREDIBLE!)
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    concur . . . same concern. connect/reconnect skype doesnt seem to matter either. Software related???
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    the audio quality has been excellent for me. Any chance the connection speed was low, especially on the other end?
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    yeah, my audio was really good, the video was left a bit to be desired. But I think my moms connection sucked =x
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    Skype voice quality has been great for me too, but I've not used video.
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    I just replied to another thread about this, I am having the exact issue, not every time, but almost 1 out of 2 times the audio is tinny and distorted. I've found that if I open the music player and play a song, it is distorted for 5-10 seconds, then clears up and the next call is usually better. This happens with Skype and with calls through bluetooth combined with my Pre-.
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    I was having the same issue and found if I turned off the Beats Audio under settings it worked fine.
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    i have the opposite problem. sound qualiy on other peoples ends are bad and on my end its good.

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