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    Is the app catalog not working or is it just me. Every time I go to download or update an app I get a drop down from the top right that says I need to restart to continue with installation. I do as stated and nothing happens I get the same message when restart is done. What should I do? Is it just my device?

    I have a screenshot of what it looks like that I can add when I get back to the house.
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    what version/build of webOS do you have. It sounds like the OS is trying to update.

    I don't recall where app installs or updates would require a restart, so something isn't right.
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    The version is HP webOS 3.0.0 and the build is 41. This issue just started last night. Never happened before then.
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    I'm assuming you have tried multiple applications?
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    Yes I did try multiple applications. Just did a full erase and restored the device. Everything is working properly now. Seems to have fixed some of my other issues as well. Woo Thanks. Issue resolved.
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