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    "In tests, the 6,300 milli-amp hour lithium polymer battery played online videos for 5 hours and 50 minutes, nearly two hours longer than an iPad 2 (which ran for 4 hours and 3 minutes)."

    Doesn't say what kind of "tests" this was, but however: seems to run 50% longer than the Apple product

    Hands-on: HP's TouchPad has great features but is no show-stopper - Computerworld
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    I don't understand it. Though I did not measure the battery time in hours, I am getting a good day's worth of it.

    The battery life is battered by tech reviews for no reason.
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    That's because chances are a lot of the 'tech reviewers' only used the TouchPad shortly and without any in-depth looks at what it can do since it's not an iPad and doesn't run Android and is, therefore, of no real interest.

    I've read reviews that said the TouchPad keyboard is just like the one on an iPad... without mentioning the numbers row or that you can resize it. I've read reviews bashing sound quality and saying it's below that of an iPad... even though iPad is mono and TouchPad, Beats aside, is stereo.

    Ephraim Kishon once wrote a fantastic short story about how he completely panned a budding author's novel without so much as having opened it, concluding with a statement to the effect of 'your book is so terrible I couldn't even muster the strength to read it'.
    I guess something similar happened to the TouchPad.
    'Ugh, another tablet? with an OS that failed (in part because I wrote that nobody should buy it because it's only going to fail anyway)? and I have to review it? maybe if I write something negative it'll go away and I can go back to using my magical iPad. it can't be better than the iPad anyway. so that's what I'm gonna write.'

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    That battery life is too long for a tablet. I was told 4 hours and 3 minutes is the perfect viewing time. Anything more than that is a waste.
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    I havent charged my TP in 2 days (until this am). I have used all day for work yesterday (Email, browsing, skype video calls, reading newspapers, etc) and the day before without charging.... :-)
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    #6's for playing online videos and they don't mention screen brightness (default I'd assume). So it sounds like WebOS has better flash playback efficiency than iOS has html5 playback efficiency...or they didn't match the brightness settings...or the iPad's wifi is a pig. I worry more about battery life without wifi on a 14 hour flight to Asia where my chief entertainment is a tablet and a book.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CW
    To charge the Playbook, you either plug in the micro-USB connector or place it on the optional $75 dock, which conveys electrical current to the tablet inductively while the tablet is held upright. It works like magic, but only when the pad is in the dock with the Home button facing down or to the right, which means users will have to be careful to get it right.
    Sounds like they're confused as to the device they're testing, haha.

    Anyway, we don't know what video was being played, when the iPad 2 was tested or where the iPad 2 was tested. Is it possible the TouchPad is that much more efficient than the iPad 2 over wifi? I highly doubt it. From behind 2 hours to 2 hours better? This seems to be an anomaly as every single other review I've seen indicates the iPad 2's battery life is superior. Does it matter, though? Not really. If you can get a full day or more out of the device with pretty heavy usage, battery life isn't really an issue.
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    From my point of view this review seems fairly unbiased. Funny though that on the 1st page of the mobile version of the review the author calls the touchpad playbook once .
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    Perhaps it has to do with the performance of HTML 5 vs Flash when it comes to video playback? does anyone know of any articles that compare that? I know HTML 5 video performance tends to be pretty subpar to Flash, but that in and of itself doesn't mean it is more battery intensive. . . anyone with an iPad 2 wanna run some more tests?
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    My primary concern with the battery is that it's not "user replaceable", particularly because of the potential issue with heat from the inductive charging speeding up battery deterioration.

    Anyone know if HP managed to deal with that potential issue? Does the charging produce much heat or is part of that girth of the TouchPad to help with shielding?
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    Don't know about the heat. I was told from HP @ webosconnect that calibration is no longer needed.
    (so they agrred that dr.battery is needed for the older devices?)
    The problem I have is, that the driver source for the battery chip seems now to be inside the driver of the touch2share chip A6 which is closed source.
    Therfore I don't know what chip they use. Because of that we can't rtfm of it.
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    Well I'm not really concerned about chip management of the battery and recalibration of the meter. I'm referring to the issue of increased chemical break down of the battery itself relating to potential heat production from inductive charging.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion Antares View Post
    I'm referring to the issue of increased chemical break down of the battery itself relating to potential heat production from inductive charging.
    You can follow the change of the health value in dr.battery.
    This value is calculated as a factor of charge cycles and heat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stu5797 View Post
    That battery life is too long for a tablet. I was told 4 hours and 3 minutes is the perfect viewing time. Anything more than that is a waste.
    Now that's funny right there. Not too far from the truth though. (see multi-tasking). I mean, who wants to run multiple apps anyways?

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