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    After using the TouchPad since Friday morning, these are, in my opinion, some missing features (or inexplicably, removed ones, see below).

    Calendar -bring back the old "accordion effect" to hide free time while in day view, a feature that really set webOS apart from the beginning. While we're here, we should be able to set a default view. Either day, week or month views should be available. Actually, thinking about it now, after using the Touchstone with its "calendar" view (looks like an agenda view) that would be a great addition to the views in Calendar.

    Exhibition mode -ability to save folders to be displayed while in slideshow mode; currently any changes are not saved, and you need to select your folders again. On a visual note, please make the folder selection menu not-so-frksing-jittery. Seriously, the menu goes all over the place. Nonetheless, I actually thought it was great you could even make these changes. So just make them a tiny bit better, it's all.

    Browser -scroll bars. Not for navigation, sure, but at least you'll know how large the page is and, more importantly, where you are in the page. Also, the bookmark feature sucks, you can't reorder them, change their icons -all features available in webOS 1.x but not in 3.0.
    And one more thing: make the start Browser page the bookmark page, please? With its bigger resolution, displaying our bookmarks with their high-res icons would look simply amazing. And different from anyone else. I don't need to remind old webOS users that this feature was also available in 1.x code. But not in 3.0.

    Launcher -now, this will be one the first tweaks to be released, but then since it's so obvious, why not make it available from day 1? We should be able to add/delete pages and name/rename them.

    That's all I can think for now; please add yours, and send them to HP/Palm at:
    Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA

    /edit: heh, after typing this in Memo (just a joy to use for these tasks), I just remembered another thing: fix auto-complete. It works well enough for corrections, but it doesn't recognize "thats" is that's, "shes" it's really she's, etc, etc.
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    sms from pre 2 doesn't work.
    even though prefs screen says it does.
    contacting webos butler support, they deny any knowledge of the feature...
    i'll try to attach screen shots from support chat.
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    I've been adding in my contractions to the dictionary as I go along.

    I miss bold/italic/underline in eMails and the touch/hold/drag to reorder items everywhere.
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    Contractions, Auto capitalization of things like "I'm"('I' will auto capitalize, but I'm won't).
    Touch to Share API
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    We always prefer that people donate in response to tangible items they can use today, rather than for intangible promises about the future that may or may not be possible to achieve.
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    • Bing as a search option: We have Bing maps for crying out loud. Why not give those of us who DON'T want to support Google another option?
    • Browser Bookmark Tiles: I like them on the Veer. Let's bring those back.
    • Some Touch-to-share love: how about an update for the Veer so we can test this function out?
    • Auto-fit wallpapers: All wallpaper pics need to fill the screen; no letterbox.

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