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    How did you get it at Costco?????? I've called every store and they all said that the touchpad is an ONLINE item only.....what gives?
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    yawn... sorry, I tried, but couldn't read it full. You mean you are a born WebOS fan. But you would return the device because you didn't get some discount that you should have as you are a born WebOS fan?
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    It is people like you that give customers a bad rap. NOTHING is ever good enough for you despite that you were entitled to NOTHING in the first place. Who cares if you have been waiting for TouchPad for "years" - so have the rest of us. It does not give you the right to go making a whole bunch of peoples day bad by being a total PITA (Yes, those are "people" you are talking to on the the other end of the line).

    Did you really think that getting chummy with a call center sales rep would get you what is perhaps the most important product HP has launched in the last decade a "few" days early? Nobody has the power to do that except for possibly the top brass at HP. Not friends with any of them eh?

    Here are a few dates you need to understand so you don't make this mistake in the future.

    Pre-Order Date: The date that the Manufacturer and retail sales partners can begin taking orders for the product. The product will generally (depending on the retailer) be shipped to arrive to the customer on the Sales Embargo Date.

    Ship date: This is the date that the manufacturer (HP in this case) ships the product from the factory or distribution hub to the store.

    Sales Embargo date: Also known as the "release date" - This is the first date that a product can be sold by a retailer without violating their agreement with the manufacturer. This is usually a week or more after the Ship Date

    On ad date: The date that a retailer can first advertise a product - usually a week or two after the Sales Embargo date.

    With a product launch that is as anticipated as this most manufactures will stock up the retailers starting on the Ship Date so there is plenty of inventory on the Sales Embargo Date.

    Most manufactures are required to fulfill their inventory commitments to their sales partners before delivering product to their own direct customers. In this scenario customers who order directly from the manufacturer run the risk of actually getting it later than they could have if purchasing at the store. This has been the case in all of the major technology product launches since the original iPhone was released. Anyone who follows the smartphone/tablet space should understand this. If you want it first, get in line at a store early.

    Your impatient call to HP, requesting that they cancel your order is understandable but their reply is consistent with pretty much every other online retailer. Your threat to cancel your order and do a charge back on your card is childish and petty not to mention it is BullS!!T like that that costs every customer in the long run because the cost has to be covered somewhere. When you asked to speak to a supervisor you were not able to because the supervisor was probably taking care of a real customer complaint.

    "As you can imagine,I was starting to boil. I had my brand-new TouchPad in my hand,purchased from a local retailer on the day of the official release,and for $20 less than I could purchase it from Hp"

    Boiling over what? That you actually had a TouchPad in your hands, that you are marveling at its amazing ID and superior operating system? No, you are choosing to let your poor choice of how to purchase it ruin the actual nirvana of actually holding it in your hands. It's real, it's not vaporware and it is sweet. Time to call and bit**%$ch about something else that is actually your fault too.

    The fact that you are mad at HP upgrading customers to the 32GB shows how immature you really are. So they got lucky (oh, by the way those are the OTHER people who are now waiting a few extra days to get their hands on a unit) so you go on pouting about how you should now get the discount everyone else got AND get yours on launch day.

    You were to blinded by your own stupidity to realize that $ 50, $55 or 75$ is $50, $55 or $75 more than you were entitled to and that HP was really extending you a great offer, they did not have to offer you anything at all. Do you think it is a "Headache" for them to do a return? No, you are saving yourself from the headache of a return, not them. When you asked him if the $75 refund made any sense to him he should have said "no, it does not make any sense to me, I don't understand why we are giving you anything at all".

    Who cares if you are a big Palm fanatic - at this rate they would do better without you as a customer. All of us other "Palm fanatics" would certainly do better without you running up HPs cost through frivolous claims. I call BS on your claim of being an HP shareholder. If you were an actual HP shareholder you would at least know that the proper way to write HP is capital H, capital P = HP not "Hp" Dip&&**T!

    Finally, don't waste our time with a "review". You have already proven that you make mistakes and blame them on others. Your poor planning is not HP's fault. Your poor logic is not HP's fault. Your biased "review" will clearly show that you have an axe to grind with HP so it would be a waste of time for anyone to read anyway.

    Why don't you just get over it and enjoy the TouchPad and webOS. It's not perfect but its pretty damn cool and better than the other choices out there. Any new hardware platform running new software from two major players in the tech world who are still getting to know each other barely a year into their merger is bound to have a few flaws.

    I love my TouchPad (Which I bought on launch day at my local Best Buy without any drama whatsoever), my iPad is already on Craigslist which is where my iPhone 4 will be as soon as the Pre 3 is available. Oh, and my buddy who ordered his from HP on launch day (and subsequently got the 32GB for $20 LESS than the price of the 16GB version) just got his today. I might have paid a few $$ more but I already have my TP dialed in and have enjoyed using it and showing it off all week while he has been waiting.......

    For the true "fanatics" paying a few bucks more to get it now is a price we are willing to pay.
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    You know tpenvy, you're right. After re-reading my post and all these responses, that's exactly how I came off. Im very grateful to own an HP touchpad and HP *was* very generous in offering me what they did. Sorry if I sounded like a tool and thanks for schooling me.
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