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    I just got this email, seems the government is liking the Touchpad a lot.

    ~ VZW Palm Pre Plus [1Ghz]
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    Thanks, but the author did not do his homework. The article has so many holes it looks like the surface of the moon.
    1: "The device itself is quite fragile, but Apple sells a Smart Cover case that can compensate."

    I have an iPad 1 and 2. Putting a smart cover on my iPad 2 does nothing to compensate for it's frailness.

    2: The author has no clue as to what effect using a password on an IOS device as to not using a password:
    iOS 4: Understanding data protection

    That's just some of the holes. Apparently the author is unaware of what the military is looking at:
    RIM PlayBook’s Security Edge Over IPad May Not Last
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