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    I was excited to pair my Pre- and Touchpad to see how calls worked. The pairing went off without a hitch, and I asked my wife to call me with her LG Lotus and see how it sounded.

    She said it was very hard to have a conversation, since she heard her own voice in the headset at a delay, hinting that the Touchpad's speakers were going out over its microphone. My son had the same experience.

    This is kind of a bummer, since this was a feature I was looking forward to. I've had a few times where I've been sitting with my TP in a coffee shop, a call has come in, and I've had to switch over to using the Pre- handset.

    Curious if anyone else has detected this, whether there may be a setting on the Touchpad to ameliorate it, or whether it might have something to do with pairing with a Pre-.

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    this feature is only supported on newer phones (Pre3 & Veer). Its working now via BT but as far as I know theres not way to mute just the pre when a call comes in. If I have a choice I wish sms would work using pre- and the Touchpad.

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