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    I use my Tablet for surfing, email and reading RSS feeds.

    I think the TouchPad is pretty good for the first two. Just checking the third.
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    I'm using Need for Feeds. It's not bad, check it out...

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    i use newsroom on my pre, and it's awesome.

    i haven't checked the app catalog for a few months, but at the time newsroom was the only rss reader that was worth a crap.
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    Feeder is much better than newsroom, in my opinion. The flashy interface is nice, until you subscribed to a lot of feeds with hundreds of articles in all of them, then the list interface of Feeder lets you get your feeding done quick.
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    I found newsroom to be the best. However, they have cut back on the number of websites they harvest which sucks!
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    Still playing with it, but check out Mosaic.

    Also, this should be in the apps forum..
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    I'm using feeder 0.70 which was just made available by SemicolonApps an hour ago:!/SemicolonApps...10115079217152

    It now runs full screen and has back buttons. I installed it via and Preware. Works fine so far - only the share function (e.g. to twitter) would need updating as the clients are not up to date.
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    ugh, feeder costs money. i'd love to check it out but cannot justify it when i already paid for newsroom.

    oh well
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    I'd recomment Need for Feeds as long as you don't need google reader support
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