Well, I think I've decided that I'm getting a tablet of some stripe, in the immediate future. The choice is pretty much between the TouchPad and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Obviously, since I'm posting this here and not Android Central, I'm hoping the TouchPad is the answer, but I'm not quite sold. I'm looking for input from people who have bought the TouchPad on a few things, so put your pimp hats on, please.

There are a few things I've got to have:

I need to manage my to do list, for work and home. I need it to sync between my phone, computer, and any other devices (tablet) I might use. I currently use Remember the Milk, and there was at least one Pre app that synced with that service. Does it still exist? Is there something similar -- I'm not married to RtM?

I want to use this device at work (I'm an application architect and programmer). To that end, I need to take a lot of meeting notes. Currently, I use Evernote because it syncs between my Android phone and my desktop. Is there an Evernote app for the TouchPad?

I also need to review a lot of documents, so reading Word and PDF docs is a requirement. Writing whitepapers and recommendations is important, too. I could use Google Docs for a while, if there's a way to convert them to Word, on my desktop.

I do a lot of emailing of attachments (mostly Word and PDF), which is an area my Android phone falls way behind my old Pre-. Whatever I get must have top notch email attachment management.

I need a way to port files over the cloud, from my work computer to personal devices and back. I currently use Dropbox, which is awesome. Box.net comes with a lot of space, but the desktop interface looks... cumbersome. Is there a trick?

I read a lot of blogs and RSS news, but it sounds like either platform has a good enough browser. Ditto with syncing my Google contacts (though I miss Synergy).

Pandora and an MP3 player both sound covered. Any surprises?

There are also a number of "nice to have" features, for me:

Back to work, I do some statistical analysis. These documents are for personal use, so Google Docs might work, but I'd rather use xls.

Social network stuff (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) are all regular sources of info, for me. A good client would be nice.

The ability to automatically sync personal files from my home computer to the Touchpad would be a big plus, mostly Office and PDF. How well does DropBox work?

Netflix would be nice. Most likely, I'd use the queue editing more than streaming, though. The content I really want to be able to watch is my purchased TV shows from Amazon. Anyone confirm this works? I only buy the SD versions because I can't tell the difference.

My company uses Good for Enterprise to remotely access email. I don't think this exists for webOS, though.

I'd like to be able to work on documents offline, when I'm traveling or somewhere else I don't have WiFi. Does Google docs allow you to work locally on the TP?

Finally, I have a couple of desktop apps (Quicken) that I know aren't going to have a tablet version, ever. I'd like to be able to remote in via RDP or something similar that isn't going to cause resource issues on the desktop. Anything on webOS?

Things that aren't important to me:

Games. Okay, I'll get a couple, but mostly in the ranks of Sudoku. Not an issue.

GPS. Meh. I'd probably use it, but I'm fine with my phone. Not getting a 3G model, anyway, so no maps.



Video out.

That's a pretty big list of vague needs. I know a lot of them are pretty obviously either available on webOS or not. I think all are available on Honeycomb. Like I said, I want to get webOS, but I really can't justify throwing the cash at something that isn't going to be a good fit. If webOS isn't right for me now, I may have to get the Galaxy and see where things are in 18-24 months.

That makes me nervous, though, because I jumped from my Pre- to the Epic, last fall and really hated Android 2.2, especially the PIM apps. The email on Android 2.2 is still a particularly sore point for me, but Honeycomb looks much improved.

Still, if the Pre3 comes to Sprint, I'm there in a heartbeat because what I really need from a phone is the PIM. It's the tablet that needs more features.

Anyone have similar needs? Any answers? Sadly, I think that if the TouchPad had launched with Kindle reader and Quick Office editing in place, this wouldn't even be a debate. *sigh*