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    Thats right fellow vancouverites (thats the one in British Columbia, not the one in washington) if you want the HP WebOS Touchpad before the official canadian release of July 15 you can. Just finished talking to the HP reps at the HP Store dontown and they said that they would have it this Friday for purchase. They've been shipped and unless we suffer anouther postal breakdown they will be there. 95% sure anyways. And dont expect to see them going up for sale in other stores before the 15th, they did say this would be an HP store exclusive early launch.

    And yes we vancouverites are lucky enough to have an actual HP Store. Its a small boutique thing with quite a few hp laptops running and even an hp slate device. Basically think apple store but small and exclusive looking.

    So anyone else in vancouver thinking of being lurred into that store
    Long live WebOS!

    PS: i hate typing on this ipad (not mine @ future shop) cant wait to try that number/symbol line.
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    Well thats depressing, must be the only vancouverite webos user out here. Thought being able to get the touchpad a week early in canada would have been big news. I'm sad now, sad and tired.
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    Youre not the only one. :-) But I already drove down to Seattle to get mine.
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    ahh man I live in the washington vancouver
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    Anybody buy a TP at the Vancouver HP store yet?
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    i've been extremely tempted but then I look at my wallet and it cries.

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