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    I am a current AT&T Pre+ user for the past year. Screen is scratched, buttons are missing and the USB door has been cracked off. The thing is not pretty. I still adore the phone and OS. I was waiting for the Pre3 to be released on AT&T to renew my contract however due to the presumed delay I steered ship into buying an off-contract Veer for $150 on Craigslist. The phone is new.. picking it up tonight.. I think it is a solid deal.

    I am going to keep my Veer until the Pre3 comes out. My TouchPad also comes in Friday, hopefully I get it before I go on vacation on Friday night. Totally siked!

    Has anyone thought about going my route and getting a temporary Veer? For $150 I figure I could always resell it for how much I paid. How well do they currently work together? It sounds like the text messaging feature isn't completely working.
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    I picked up a Veer on Friday after getting my Touchpad.

    Phone calls are passed through to the Touchpad but until the 2.2 upadate is pushed to the Veer SMS messages & Touch-to-Share are not yet enabled.

    Other then this, loving the Veer and the Touchpad!

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    don't have a veer but currently carrying pre2. I got to say ever since I got TP, I seldom use my Pre 2 so it seems like veer is the perfect combo for TP. Just leave it in the pocket or bag, rarely ever need the phone anymore.
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    I did exactly what you're about to do. I absolutely love this little phone. I might actually pass on the Pre 3 and wait for a Pre 4, or whatever comes after the Pre 3.

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    I purchased a Veer from amazon when they messed up pricing. I sold my iphone 4 and use the veer as a daily device. I just bought a touchpad, it will be better when the Veer and TP get their OTAs but I am overall happy. I am excited for the release of the Pre 3 and cant wait to add to my webOS collection.
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    I was worried it wasn't big enough when I got my Veer, but I absolutely love it. Best smartphone I have ever had. My TP is my primary reading device for surfing the web and reading RSS feeds, my Veer is for checking my email, updating social networking on the go and checking scores, etc. Might not be for everyone but definitely for me. I would be hard-pressed to go back to something bigger I am enjoying it so much.
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    I'm doing the same soon as I find a decently priced one on ebay or craigslist
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    I got Veer and Touchpad. Works great on touchpad, sms and calls are amazing, works flawless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iverieli View Post
    I got Veer and Touchpad. Works great on touchpad, sms and calls are amazing, works flawless.
    Are you saying you can receive and send SMS messages through the TouchPad? Can you indicate how this works for you?

    From what I have read we need a update on the Veer to do this. I can properly receive phone calls but no text messages.
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    have a Veer from work and now the touchpad, did not think I would like the veer due to it being so small, but that is the best part. Slip it into your pocket and don't even know you are carrying a phone. Can't wait for the update for sms and touch 2 share.

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