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    Twice in the last couple of days after leaving my Touchpad alone for a few hours (yeeah, I know. shame on me), I have come back and pressed the power button and..... NOTHING! Once the home button was flashing saying I had a notification of some kind and once it wasnt...

    It has caused me both times to do a soft reset where you hold down the power/home buttons and reboot..

    If not using, maybe I should turn it off... However, is anyone else experiencing this freezing up of the Touchpad itself?

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    My TouchPad did this yesterday when I went to use it after I got home from work. It hasn't repeated though (yet).
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    Had this happen a few times, quite annoying. If I remember the original Pre did this too. Didn't have to reset but just had to press the on button again, sometimes a few times!

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