We have all read the reviews and watched a trillion videos but the question left unanswered is how are all of our real world TouchPads holding up? I would love to hear your personal experiences with your new TouchPad and how it compares to what you expected. I basically just want to hear how your TouchPad is working out for you despite any other word from someone else. How does it fit into your work habit.....

-How well does it preform in business use as well as the leisure browsing and reading?
-How is your battery life working out for you? Is it reliable enough that you can be confortable giving the battery a day long workout?
-Is there anything that stand out to you that the TouchPad preforms exceptionally well in?
-Is there anything that really bothers you?
-Are the speakers good quality?
-How is Skype integration?
-Liking the up-swipe gesture?
-How is call forwarding?