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    Hey everyone, I've been having intermittent Internet connectivity issues. Turning WiFi on and off seems to be a temporary solution. Assigning a fixed IP address seems to let me keep my connection longer. I'm able to surf just fine, but when I try to browse the forums here on, the Internet connection breaks. Then I'm not able to surf anymore, email goes down, etc. I reset my Internet connection browse other parts of the Internet, come back to the forums and bam! No more Internet. Can anyone enlighten me?

    PS I don't want to use the P|C app because I don't like the way paneling was implemented.
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    Ive had that happen as well. What type of router are you using?
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    Linksys WRT54G v6
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    I'm having the same issues as well. There's times when the entire connection seems to fizzle out. Going to airplane mode and back clears it up for awhile as you mentioned. But it seems most noticeable on Precentral.

    This condition occurs at home and at work, which are totally different networks.

    It's not just the browser either. My email and Facebook apps have been affected at times. That leads me to believe it's something with overall connectivity.

    I logged into my router's admin page one night and it was reporting my TPad's signal strength at 80% when I was 10 feet away with unobstructed line of sight. The transfer rate also seemed awfully slow for using the N connection.

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