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    Can I use multiple profiles on the same touchpad?
    here's my problem, my wife and I both like our pre+s, but we can't afford 2 touchpads. Is it possible to have both profiles on the touchpad and just select one when it's turned on?
    I don't want to make a profile just for the Touchpad because then we would have to re-buy all of our apps from both our current profiles. It would be best if I didn't have to sort through all of her workout and running apps to find wirc and phnx.
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    nope thats the same problem I have. I synced it with my profile and will manually add her calendar and email. You can sync multiple facebook accounts (for pics and contacts) but only 1 will show up in the official FB app.
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    Same thing here. Just received ours and we are a little unsure if we should user her Palm Profile (from her Pre-) or create a new "shared" one for both of us. Any advice?
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    use an existing profile so you can use many of the apps you have already purchased... And don't put calendar or contact info in the profile... Use google or hotmail.

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