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    Has anyone else had issues with random vibration/haptic feedback while typing? It's very inconsistent and doesn't last long, but occasionally my 16GB Touchpad will respond to keyboard input as if some quirky haptic feedback were on.

    The buzzes are overly long, maybe a second plus, and sometimes vary in intensity. It can last somewhere from a few keystrokes up to a few words. I'd say this has happened around 15-20 times since Friday the 1st.

    I have the normal issues as well, I've had three random reboots since picking it up Friday, and most of the lag/response issues posted here.
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    I had this happen for the first time is happening as I speak. Very weird....
    I can toggle it with muting the sound..... just stopped as I am finishing up this post
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    Oh no. That happens a lot to me on my super old Pre. I was hoping the new webOS 3.0 and new hardware would have killed that. Crap!

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