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    HP needs to leverage the fact that one of the most common complaints for its Touchpad, "lack of apps", is not necessarily a bad thing and is in fact a testament to the Touchoad's native support of key web technologies.

    Of course while certain functions of the Touchpad will require an app I feel HP really needs to drive home the fact that many things can be down WITHOUT an app. After all, why download an app when things just work natively?

    I propose a commercial where somebody is using a competitor tablet and receives an error message implying that they need to go and download an app to perform whatever task.. while in the same frame a TP user is seamlessly browsing the full web with Flash in one card, viewing his Synergy'd email accounts in another etc as if to indicate "hmm, i don't need an app for that, sucks to be you". They could then proceed to show Person A flipping through pages of apps to find the required one while the TP user is again seamlessly performing tasks using a Touchpad that natively supports said tasks.

    Seriously, HP needs to go on the offense and play up the fact that their device doesn't NEED an app for everything since it is capable of performing many basic things without it. They need to convince Joe Consumer that tens of thousands of apps are in fact NOT a good thing and are only necessary when your device does not support certain web standards. Hell, they could even take a subtle jab at the 'crap apps' that populate other web catalogs (ie: "a soundboard app? I think i'll just view the flash-based soundboard right here on my Touchpad!"). It just may help their case as opposed to constantly reiterating "the apps are coming!!, the apps are coming!!"
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    (obnoxious excited hipster) 'hi, i'm an Apple!"
    (laid back man in his 30s with a suit but no tie) "and I'm HP webOS."
    'want to send an IM over ICQ? there's an app for that! Skype? There's an app for that! MSN? There's an app for that too!'
    "And I have all that built into my normal messaging app with synergy"

    'want to listen to music? there's iTunes for that! want Amazon mp3s? there's an app they can run in! want Google Music? there's an app it can run in!'
    "And I have all that built into my normal music app with Synergy."

    'want your facebook pictures? there's an app for that! want your picasa pictures? there's an app for that as well! want your snapfish pictures? there's even an app for that!'
    "And I have all that built into my normal photos app with Synergy."

    'everything you want, there's an app for that!'
    "and I have it all built-in with synergy."
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