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    Five Reasons to Consider the HP TouchPad
    Posted by Warner Crocker | July 5, 2011

    Five Reasons to Consider the HP TouchPad

    I posted a sister post that some might find schizophrenic to this one that contains Five Reasons to Avoid the HP TouchPad. Here, Iíll lay out some of the reasons I remain eternally optimistic about the webOS fueled TouchPad. (Although eternally is a long time in mobile tech years.) Before I get to those five reasons though, let me say that I do believe that webOS is a very real potential contender in the touch Tablet wars. You can feel the thought behind the OS and the user interaction in most cases. As I think you can surmise form the earlier post, it is the current execution that is lacking.

    Letís face it. There are iPad and Apple alternatives out there. Does HP deserve a place at the table? I think so. The TouchPad is certainly no worse off than what passes for Android Tablets with Honeycomb 3.1 these days. In fact, in my testing of both the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the TouchPad, Iíd say what is going on behind the curtain with the TouchPad is far superior than the slapdash feeling I get with Honeycomb 3.1. Am I routing for an underdog here? Yep. But I am only doing so because I think HP has the muscle to make webOS live up to its promise and (and thatís a big and) build an ecosystem that can compete. That requires a focus that I donít think Google or Microsoft can offer given their multi-faceted structures, and RIM might as well just hang it up. I think HP is up to the challenge and theyíve taken that big first step, even though it has proven in the early going to be a painful one. When it comes down to it, HP has to execute on a bold vision, and unfortunately that execution has to come when they are running the race far behind the market leader.

    But on to my five reasons.
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    That was a nice review, as a webOS user for over 2 years now, her 5 points have merit.
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    I need to see Opal, I obviously do not like the current screen size/resolution combo of touchpad.

    Flash is good, but I hope the browser will be further improved in opal, or opera/firefox comes to webOS.

    Battery life is adequate (8hrs), but not as good as top tablets (10hrs).

    I agree with the webOS being a great reason.

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