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    As I have done in the past (with a small connect that still works on the palm team at HP) I have sent a email to him regarding some of the issues and bugs we have all experianced here. I also got a confermation call from one of HPs employees again thanking the Hombrew community for our assitence in letting them know about bugs, and experiances directly. He also stated that they will try to utilized them in the first OTA Update which is coming ASAP I was told.

    Issues I sent so far are:

    -touchpad looses sound gradually, and requires a full reboot to correct the problem

    -lag on animation, and touch sensitivity is not as responsive

    -orientation switch lag is very noticable

    -orientation switch is sometimes too sensitive

    -seperation from the glass to the button on some devices

    I also noted things that people were complaining about on here, and other reviews:

    -Rear camera

    -HDMI out

    -Vibrate option for the keyboard

    -matted back option for tablet

    -use of front camera for still pictures

    -overall build quality seemed thick, cheap, and plastic.

    I did advise I will keep them updated on things we still see after they send the next OTA update which I was told will be very soon. So if anyone has other specific issues, and would like me to send it to them in the next email after there update please let me know, I have no problem in helping out thanks.
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    Here's a big one for me...spent over an hour linking profiles in the Contacts app.

    Many Skype user accounts are of the format "firstname.lastname"

    It appears that currently Synergy isn't bright enough to associate a Skype user account with an existing profile with the same first and last name.
    Gregg Ginsberg, P-CLP

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