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    I have slow internet, not sure if it;s a wifi thing, a webOS thing or a touchpad thing
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    Don't know where the best place to post is- but wanted to report, in case it benefits another.
    I recently upgraded to an Apple Airport Extreme & it, instantly & absolutely, solved my wifi agony.

    Know, I've always had wifi issues since I got my TP. Many posts about it over the months. Tried many things ( won't list all the crazy things..but almost coming close to blood ritual sacrifices - certainly have less hair now then I once did). None of my other wireless devices (including 2 pre's) were ever effected. It occurred on 3 seperate TPs' that have cross thru my hands. Was convinced it was HP engineering since it seemed specific to the TP. Went thru about 6 wireless routers w/ various levels of success, the previous one being a netgear wndr 4000. But finally decided to take advantage of BB return policy and work thru every possible router at store if need be. Just got lucky on 3rd try. The connection has been going strong now for 2 weeks now, like a teenage boy coming of age. I've been able to pickup thru walls I couldn't before and it's really nice.

    As near as I can figure, to get the TP wifi to work properly one needs a comptible match across hardware, driver and signal strength..I have a half theory that it worked because HP must of tested with Apple products (since they saw their products as in the same league). I don't know.. Now that I finally got it all tunned up, I guess it's time to enjoy it and WebOS while I can.

    PS: Hope I didn't jinx myself by actually reporting success...
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    Hi all,

    I just wanted to add data to this thread. I've had my 32G TP since last year September. I don't remember wifi issues early on, but after I upgraded to 3.0.4 (came with 3.0.2 installed) and then 3.0.5, I would have very erratic behavior on the home network. I tried some of the settings changes suggested in this thread - even if they were for different routers. Sometimes it seemed like they helped for awhile, but then I'd be back to dropping connectivity at the strangest times.

    Mine is the Linksys WRT54GL, stock. BUT - I realized that I hadn't checked for firmware updates in ... well, since I got it! I was at version 4.30.11, and the latest (Jan 2011) is 4.30.15

    So, I updated a month ago and it's made a HUGE difference! Solid, reliable. No more bizarre loss of connectivity, and struggling to get reconnected. Here's the list of changes between those two revs. Anything jump out at folks?

    Firmware 4.30.15
    - Resolves SSL/TLS renegotiation vulnerability

    Firmware 4.30.14
    - Resolves issue with UPnP vulnerability
    - Built-in multi-language support. No longer needs external language packs.
    - HNAP 1.2 support

    Firmware 4.30.13
    - Adds Linksys EasyLink Advisor (LELA) 3 support.
    - Resolves issue with not being able to conduct configuration backup when accessing the router via https.
    - Updates TZO protocol.

    Firmware 4.30.12
    - Resolves issue with saving DHCP settings when using PPTP as Internet connection type.
    - Resolves security issues found by Tomaz Bratusa (Team Intell) related to session riding. Adds HTTP session timeout.
    - Updated PPTP Internet connection functionality
    - Resolves issue with setting management port when https is selected.

    Hope it helps someone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daylater View Post
    I had severe connection dropping issues with my TP(and only my TP) with my Dlink dir-655.

    Changed my Beacon interval to - 75
    changed my RTS threshold to - 2304
    changed my fragmentation threshold to - 2304

    Haven't had a single issue since! (Knock on wood)
    Thank you!! Not only did this help with our Touchpads (we have 3 TP's in home) connecting to our Verizon Router (Actiontec MI1424-WR Rev.C) but it also helped my 4-1/2 year old Compaq (HP) Presario F572US (Windows Vista) laptop to connect to the router. I had tried every type of setting to get the laptop to connect and always had connection problems but this seems to work!!! Thank you!!!

    FYI for those with young kids: We also have been using the FREE openDNS settings (OpenDNS - Cloud Internet Security and DNS) in our Verizon router (openDNS works in just about any router) for the past couple of months to keep our young kids from accidentally accessing adult/inappropriate sites, since I do not know of another firewall method for the Touchpad.
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    I had to just change my wireless router that I had with Rogers for after 2 years it began to kick me offline all the time and I found myself resetting it several times a day, although up until then i never had a problem.

    I was given a different one, a CISCO DPC3825 and it was fine for the past 2-3 days since I got it it, although, truthfully I am not on the HP Touch pads all the time so I cant say they were connected 24/7 or not but as of his morning, neither Touchpad will connect.
    Same problem they appear to be connected to the network but I receive an Error: Unable to resolve host.

    Now, granted I did get a little USB key with the CISCO that has pdf files on i and a but I didn't seem to need to do anything to set it up, I suppose because the settings had been done before to my old router?
    I just plugged it in and I was online...........

    So, I am not anywhere as technical as you guys are but I will go and try to see if there is some firmware for me to update or perhaps I do have to set something else further??!!
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    Here are some 'png' image files that will at least add a colour reference to the Wifi signal strength indicator in the Status Bar.

    I have found that it is sometimes hard to ascertain at a glance with the standard 'grey' indicators.

    Backup your originals and replace them in the '/usr/palm/sysmgr/images/statusBar/' folder with the 5 attached images. Then Restart:

    1). wifi-0.png
    2). wifi-1.png
    3). wifi-2.png
    4). wifi-3.png
    5). wifi-connection.png

    Also attaching screenshots x 3 below.


    Attached Images Attached Images
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