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    After seeing my TP, a friend now wants one. He needs to be "always connected". To me, it seems like you would almost always have your phone, so why not pay the money for Mobile Hotspot instead of 3G/4G? I think it is cheaper to add Mobile Hotspot rather than getting a plan for a tablet (<-- not based on facts).

    Are there any advantages, or disadvantages, to getting a plan for a tablet vs Mobile Hotspot? Speeds? Data caps?

    Help me help him to make the right decision. Thanks!
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    Saves on battery life and convenience are the biggest 2 factors for me.
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    You'll have to shop around for a plan that fits your preferences, but after my research, I found that Verizon's 4G plan is the genuine fastest (although they all claim to be the fastest) 4G plan. Whether you get a 3G or 4G plan or have a mobile hotspot, the monthly fee is the same. I'm looking at $50/mo for 5 GB of data (note that Verizon charges $10 more for each addition GB of data). I plan to get a wifi hotspot though, because then I can use it with other devices, besides by Touchpad. I think the cheapest 4G plan is through Clear, but they have a spotty record of reliability and poor customer relations, as near as I can tell.
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