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    I have been working on some tweaks to possibly add/rename/reorder the app launcher tabs on the TouchPad. I am writing some data up for the WebOS Internals' Wiki page and will include a link here as soon as it is complete...and keep a lookout on the main PreCentral page about this as well..

    EDIT: Ok, my post on the homepage should be live soon ( it will be at this link) and i have documented everything on the WebOS Internals Wiki ( here )

    as you can see in my article:

    The launcher can be tweaked to add pages, rearrange pages, and rename pages

    This can not be done as a simple patch, but is relatively easy to do in Internalz
    THIS CAN CAUSE SERIOUS ISSUES with your app launcher, specifically it will not keep your app icon locations after a reboot. So, you can move around apps to different tabs, but once you reboot, they may revert back to their original position
    UPDATE: it appears as if the non-saving app location issue is actually a touchpad bug. When moving apps, always press the DONE button at the top left when done. Do not just tap elsewhere on the screen to exit edit mode. This should fix that one issue

    So, hopefully some homebrew devs or WebOS Internals guys can figure out how to patch this and make it more stable!
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    Exactly what I've been missing. Can't wait for this.
    Sprint Love
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    The minute this comes out, expect a fat donation from me. Dead serious. THANK YOU.
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Oh and Good Luck!!
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    That is something I do want to see! Thank you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Audemars02 View Post
    THIS CAN CAUSE SERIOUS ISSUES with your app launcher, specifically it will not keep your app icon locations after a reboot. So, you can move around apps to different tabs, but once you reboot, they may revert back to their original position
    As seen here (, it seems like people are having this issue on a stock Touchpad too.

    I'll play around with this tweak though and see how it works. I'm limited to the emulator though.
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    Every change I make gets reverted back to stock after a Luna reboot...
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    So you want extra tabs, eh?

    One of the best ways to hack any system is to get access to a low-level, low-security feature and then let the system progressively upgrade you. So it is with the launcher.

    (NOTE: I am going to leave out some details this time around - I am sure you clever chaps will fill these in pronto without any problems)

    The low-level feature to go after is the default launcher config file, and here is what you need to get at it:

    1. enable terminal access to your touchpad
    2. rootfs_open -w , to make the root filesys writeable

    now, edit the /etc/palm/default-launcher-page-<xxxx>.json (the <xxxx> can be a couple of things possibly, but there will only be 1 file in there. You also need to check /usr/lib/luna/customization tree for a file of the same name. If it's there then edit that one instead)

    It will look something like:


    do NOT change these 3 entries at this time (it is possible to change the names, but this will be left for another time, another post ;-) )

    now just follow the pattern and add a couple more entries:

    { "title":"extra1",
    { "title":"extra2",

    These you can name whatever you want, BUT DO NOT reuse the names in the first 3 entries.
    note that you MUST have an "items" key, and it needs to be a json array with one entry at least. It doesn't matter what that entry is, but make it a string. Don't worry, it will be overwritten by the system in a valid way. Don't get greedy and make too many tabs. They won't render right and you won't be able to easily access them (or at all).

    now, save the file and back to the terminal:

    stop LunaSysMgr

    Once stopped, kill off the existing launcher configuration. Unfortunately, you'll lose all of your custom positions (don't worry, you won't lose apps). If totally paranoid then back up the directory you're about to delete. You can restore it later without issue.

    rm -fr /var/luna/preferences/launcher3

    now reboot your touchpad.

    You <i>should</i> see your extra tabs. You should be able to drag items on to the new pages normally, and create your own favourite configurations that will stick across reboots.

    run the backup+restore app and save your configuration to your account. Done.

    for extra credit, examine the /var/luna/preferences/launcher3 dir and see how the new files got created - in other words, how the system 'upgraded' your default conf hack ;-)
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    some more info. >:-)

    directly modifying the save pages in /var/luna/preferences/launcher3 is possible. It's even possible at runtime, without bringing down the UI, providing youre careful.

    firstoff, do not run any installation while doing this. also, do not be in reordering mode. If you see the Done button, you are.

    refer to this thread author's links on the internals wiki; the filenames and the page idents *are* unique but they aren't in tied to a device. they are actually UIDs (or GUIDs in Windows world). Given that LunaSysMgr is built using QT 4, they are likely generated via Nokia QT's QUuid class. So as long as you use a valid, stringy-fied quuid, any page ident will work if you want to add new pages.

    so, to summarize all in one place:

    1. the page idents are UIDs, actually QUuid's.
    2. the page filename has the same ident encoded in it; this *is* relevant
    3. the "master file" ("msave") is an index of page files
    4. pay attention to the save_sys_version in the msave. Keep it at the same value as the default; it will trigger a nuke of the conf as if you had deleted the files , except it wont delete them, just create new default ones
    5. for each page's file, there is a header, e.g.

    don't mess with the pagedesignator for the default tabs as the factory touchpad has them configured. Also, do *not* reuse the designator names for any other pages; in other words don't repeat them on other tabs. for your own tabs, just give it the same name as the pagename, like

    and also, don't mess with the pagetype. it's always ReorderablePage. Do not omit it either.

    Unfortunately, after each change, even at runtime, you have to reboot or at the very least restart LunaSysMgr.

    --your host, the red lord natasmai
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    Quote Originally Posted by Audemars02 View Post
    So, hopefully some homebrew devs or WebOS Internals guys can figure out how to patch this and make it more stable!
    Preware now has an "Add Launcher Tabs" package which adds GAMES and HOMEBREW tabs to the TouchPad launcher.

    -- Rod
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    "Add launcher tabs" is working as advertised. Renaming and rearranging tabs is working too as described in this thread and in the wiki here.
    When renaming tabs with a name including small letters those will turn into big ones after reboot. Didn´t have any issues with moved apps returning to default positions after a reboot. When in portrait mode (with 6 tabs) and moving apps the "done" button is acutally almost hidden behind the rightmost tab, but it can be tapped nevertheless.
    Thanks for making this possible guys. Truly appreciated.

    edit.: Is it possible, that renaming tabs (e.g. renaming "favorites" to "favs") is influencing the software manager? I had the notif that an update is available - in this case for Feeder - tapped on it, was taken to SM, but it wasn´t able to update. Went straight to the catalog and updated from there without problems.
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    Great find!

    Regarding the problem of finding out the page UID, you don't need to! I went in and created a new page (called Utilities), deleted the page uid both in the filename and within the file. Restart Luna, and voila, the Launcher assigned a new page uid, created a new file with the correct name and populated the pageuid field with the correct info, and fixed the launcher_fixed.msave file.

    So, to get a new tab/page just create the following file in /var/luna/preferences/launcher3 with the filename "page_ReorderablePage_%TheNewPageNameHere%" containing
    In essence this means:
    • To create a new page->create a new file like the one above with the name you want, no pageuid and add it to launcher_fixed.msave
    • To rename a page->rename it in the file, at pagedesignator (?) and pagename, the new file be created automatically keeping the pageuid
    • To reorder pages->change the numbers in the launcher_fixed.msave file

    I don't have wiki-permissions so could someone update the wiki please? Should be easy for someone who knows how to make an app for that, and perhaps a patch to access that app from within the launcher! I used Internals Pro to edit directly on the TP.
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    Everyone has wiki permissions.

    -- Rod
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    I must have done something wrong now, I tried to rename the Favorites to Games but instead got bioth. The launcher created a new Favorites page with a new page uid, including adding everything needed to the .msave file. In any case this means that you don't seem to need to add anything to the .msave. Maybe a got a new favorites page because it wasn't empty when I renamed it?
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    In addition to my previous post...I moved the "downloads"-tab to the far right without renaming it but changing its pageindex.
    Downloads from the catalog still appear on the second tab (that´s where "Downloads" was first).

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    So, it seems like trying to rename favorites creates a new page with the new name but keeps favorites. Perhaps it is the same with settings and downloads?

    By the way, when you have to many tabs the name wraps, no scrolling. And you won't see the Done icon, which means that due to the bug you can't save which page the apps go.
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    Everytime a tab is being renamed a new page_reorderablepage....-file is being created (with exactly the same contents).
    What I´m wondering about is where the info is stored where downloads from the catalog should go to since the launcher_fixed.msave-file has the just the info about the downloads-tab including its unique id and its pageindex?
    Any idea?

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    If, as you say, it always goes to pageindex 2 then perhaps that is where the app catalog always puts it.
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    pageindex1=put downloads from cat here is what I´d expect atm. The remaining question is if you and of course the others have an idea in which other file (the cat be might accessing) this linkage might be stored?
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    Nope, sorry I don't know. But it seems like some of the pages have special meaning, like when I tried to rename the favorites page and it came back.
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