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    SO, first I want to say the form factor is just fine. I have an iPad 1 and my wife has an iPad 2, and the TouchPad feels like it fits in the middle (I know it doesn't, but it feels like it in hand). I would never hold off because of the hardware size/weight.

    I actually like the plastic, cause I am less likely to get all hung up on covering it up like I do with the aluminum of the iPads.

    Was surprised the home button was actually a button, thought it would be a touch sensitive area like the newer Pre's.

    The OS is pretty and smooth, no complaints from me, and I am sure it will only get better. Cool keyboard too. Browsing was what I expected, and I liked the PIM apps.

    The only thing that keeps from from ditching the iPad are the apps. I really want to see HP get some momentum going. I simply need a good PDF annotator and I am in.

    Overall, though, I am very excited for this platform. Reminds me of the excitement I felt when the Palm V came out... Or the first color Clie...
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    Yes, I have a problem...
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    my suggestion is to email adobe about it. They obviously have a much better rapport with HP than apple. Who knows hopefully you will get answers ure looking for!

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