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    Touchpad worked great on wifi at work Friday and on WiFi at home this weekend. But when I got to work today I am having some issues on the work wifi.

    websites saved in favorites this weekend bring up a error screen(no wifi connection) but I see the website load in the background. When I click ok on the error message it goes away and the website is there and working. This happens every time.

    A new search for google on the browser brings up google fine and can search item on google fine.

    I can select HP App Catalog and a screen says (you must connect to a network to use this app) but then that goes away and the app comes up.

    I select system updates and get "Waiting for the network" and this one does not go away and it does not go through.

    Whats my problem and am I going to have to deal with this every time I change from home and work wifi's

    Work computer is fine with wifi so its the touchpad

    Touchpad works fine on wifi for some things and others it says can't find network or no wifi
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    I would like to get some log files from your device experiencing this issue.

    1. Reproduce the issue
    2. Launch Device Info
    3. Go into Device diagnostics
    4. Select Menu
    5. Click on collect logs
    6. Email logs to me (send me a private message for email address)

    Do those steps just after you are able to reproduce the problem, notate the time the issue occurred, create the log. Contact me and I'll provide an email address so you can send the log file and we can go from there.
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