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    Thanks everyone!

    Im still on the fence on if I keep this or not. I have 30 days to decide. Its got some great potential. So far I've managed to put it in dev mode and install preware. Very cool. Much more open to users than the locked down ipad.

    Be interesting to see if they release some quick OTA updates like what RIM did with the playbook.
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    Kalemsoft justed posted they are working on a new version for the TP. They need TP testers so step up and start testing.

    Also regarding OTA updates, HP has already stated they will have an OTA shortly and they have been very good at pushing out OTAs historically (also they dont have to get approval from all the mobile providers since its a wifi only unit!)
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    mel_vin: You may want to participate in the Kalemsoft Beta test. They have an early Touchpad App that they've been working on. You can contact them at KalemSoft - Live Support Solution (Powered By Help Center Live)
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