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    Hello all,

    Due to security reasons I had to jump ship from my Pre- (1.4.5) to an Android smartphone. our IT department enforces the following MS Exchange policies on devices:

    - SSL connection
    - PIN code (min 6 chars) protection and autolock within given timeframe
    - Remote Wipe
    - Local data encryption

    The first three are supported by webOS 1.4.5 and 2.x

    Now I read somewhere that the fourth item, local encryption of the data on the device itself (i.e. on the smartphone/tablet) is supported on the Touchpad (webOS3) as well: Apple iPad first competitor is the HP TouchPad | wholesaleeshop

    Can anyone confirm this? That would be awesome!

    And is this something that is already supported by webOS 2.1 as well? So I can maybe go and by a Pre 3 as well.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Are there docs as to how EAS checks for the requirement?
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    I would contact HP directly on this. I am sure somebody in sales could get an accurate answer.
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    I've contacted HPalm via twitter on this question - they said they would have to look into it for me, but I have yet to hear back from them. I take this to mean they don't want to admit in writing that it is not yet there. It is very frustrating considering the lip-service they've paid to security, yet don't seem to have covered this basic element. I would be reasonably happy if they would even just offer a time-line as to when the over the air update will include this feature (as long as it's more specific than in-the-coming-months).
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    It's so weird that they can't simply answer with yes or no. The link I included mentions this:

    Setting up Exchange on both devices was simple. Unlike the first WebOS device, the original Palm Pre, and several subsequent models, the TouchPad supports on-device encryption out of the box (same with the iPad), so it easily connected to our corporate server and passed its basic set of Exchange ActiveSync policies.
    I guess I will eventually try it out myself when I have a TP eventually. it was a key requirement for a smartphone, but not so much for a tablet that will be mainly used at home for leisure. It would just be nice to also be able to include my office Exchange account.

    Keeps my main TP question unanswered, does it support Dutch creditcards
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    In case you didn't get this answered yet, all the features you mentioned are supported exchange activesync policies.
    This post is of my personal opinion and not that of my employer, its affiliates, or related partners.
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    That's great news!!!

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