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    Check out the awesome UI!! Truly like nothing else.

    [Fixed now - the OS image was off.]
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    lol wow. Wonder who was in charge of that shoop?
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    I would say HP sucks at product presentation. I couldn't find any info on built-in apps on the Touchpad!
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    *Slow clapping for HP
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    haha wow!
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    YES YES IT DOES! It's a feature from the Original Palm Pre era. My Pre Plus does this on the touchstone as it touches itself and drags the menu bar down!
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    HaHaHa. HP's Graphics Arts department must be proud of the work they've done! (sarcasm)

    Kind of looks like someone took a stock photo of the Touchpad face and then said "gosh, wonder how I'm going to get this thingy to paste on an angled photo of a Touchpad/Touchstone" and simply tilted their graphic and said "that'll do". Geez. Nice one HP!

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