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    I charged the touchpad last night to 100%, and used it to check up on my email/twitter/FB. When I went to bed it was at 97%. I woke up and it was at 93%, after using it most of the day, Heavy use, 3D Games/Music in Background/Reading/Browsing/Lot's of Flash playback, and as I type this it is about 31%, also worth noting that Spaz/FB/and a PDF have been open since last night, and it has been connected to my Pre Plus via Bluetooth all day. An estimate would be around 12 hours of moderate to heavy use and still at 31%! Anyone have any similar experiences?
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    Mine isn't quite that good but I can use it for web browsing, email etc from 8 am to 8 pm (with a few breaks) and still have plenty of juice in reserve. I'm quite happy with it.
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    This is great to hear ether way. I would like to hear more reports on real life battery usage. Keep'm com'n
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    My touchpad has helped preserve my pre 2's battery since the tablet can take calls while the phone sits on the touchstone in the other room. lol
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    Egh, takes forever to get it down low, wanted to discharge, get it to 100% and see what the battery life will be like. Thankfully, its already charging and so will go hard on the Touchpad and see what the battery life will be
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    two days with better then 10hrs (10+hr use each day) . . . .but only a couple of those hours each were in constant use mode; the 20percent warning came on so I plugged it in. The touchstone(s) should arrive tommorrow so I dont know when I'll see the 20percent warning again. So far so good as far as battery life --- impressive in comparison to any laptop I've had ~
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    Mine has been great. I think im just toooo use to "plugging it in" or looking for an outlet or charger. Making me have second thoughts about buying three touchstones like i did for my pre. I have confidence now that my touchstone will last all day.
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    Mine was at 97%+ last night and I left it over night, Spaz, Messaging (G/AOL), Bluetooth, Wifi, all of those things on and I woke up today with 88%.

    I guess that's pretty good?
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    I'm at 51% currently and I last charged it at about 1pm Monday afternoon. :-) Easily could go for 2 days before needing a charge and that's with 6 email accounts, 4 calendars, and FB syncing constantly. The 8-1/2 hours tested seems very conservative to me. (then again, my device performs amazingly without all the supposed lag as well)
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    Mine's pretty good too, usually ending up with around 10% at 9:30 after a full day of switching off between 3D games (sparkle and azkend and quell and space blip) and heavy web browsing (sifting through 10 simultaneous pages), but I'm sure once my tablet overuse ends in the next few week, it will probably go two days are so on a charge.
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    I put the battery to the test yesterday. Starting using about 12:00, listened to 2 albums on Amazon cloud player, surfed web while music played in background, watched 2 30 minute shows on Amazon movie, watched a few you tube clips, played some games, did a lot of web browsing/email/facebooking. At 9:00PM when I went to bed the battery was still at 18%!
    I am very impressed with the battery.
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    I can do heavy gaming, browsing, ect ect ect for a full day.

    That is all.
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    Most battery consuming parts are data transfer and screen.

    Maybe you guys can come up with a testing sequence to compare battery objectively, which may also benifit other ppl who suspect battery problems, now, or in the future.

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    mine only lasts for about 5 to 6 hours... I'm a pretty heavy user though but I'm not that impressed, slightly disappointed.

    I'm hoping after a few charges the batt will break in a bit and get hopefully another hour +....
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    I'm really happy with the battery life. I think it will get better with a few charge cycles, like my Pre 2 did when I first got it.
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    Ergh, I'm done. 6 Hours of heavy flash streaming and down to 35%. Thats good enough for me. Doing a lot of Youtube, grooveshark, reading/posting forums, email. This is good enough for me. This was more of a stress test on me than on the TouchPad itself. That is not my average use so I'm going to be fine
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    Went to bed fully charged and woke up 7 hours later still at 100%, even after checking email all night. Had this been my pre plus it would have easily lost 20%. I am shocked and very happy.
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    I seem to be able to go 2 days or more without recharging, with actual use of at least 8 hours.
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    I am also experiencing fantastic battery life. I'm convinced that Walt Mossberg got a faulty unit for review.
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    Hmm.. I wonder what kind of battery life I'd get on my Pre2 if I turned off the phone and made wifi the only radio available to it - i.e. making it behave like the touchpad. I suspect I'd get really quite excellent battery life from this experiment.

    Which makes me wonder what kind of battery life we'll see on a touchpad that has wireless data (EVDO, WiMax, LTE, HSPA+, etc).
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